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Trophy: Why So Salty?
Unlock the Sand Shark Bronze

The Sand Shark is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is a modified version of the Sand Shark buggy from Jak 3, now juiced up for the purposes of racing.

With a more compact chassis, smoother wheels to adapt to the flat pavement (as opposed to the rough terrain of the desert Wasteland), and added engine apparatus, this vehicle was playable exclusively for Jak's initial training during adventure mode. However, it could also be unlocked from the secrets menu for 40,000 Precursor orbs after connecting to a Jak 3 save file and completing the Grand Prix of the Blue Eco Cup. Additionally, Jak was seen using it during the opening sequence of the game, and during Keira's training sessions as well.

The PlayStation 4 version has a trophy named "Why So Salty?". Unlocking the Sand Shark will reward you with a bronze trophy.


Compared to the other race cars used throughout the championship, the Sand Shark is a rather strange vehicle to drive, very obviously a training car or mere novelty car, otherwise. This is due to its adequate statistics and performance, with the primary issue of a very noticeable pavement grip effect, particularly amplified by the turbo system. This grip effect can make it hard to steer, especially at high speeds.

Furthermore, due to its short proportions in comparison to the other race cars, its back end will overtake its front end when powersliding, causing it to be ill-effective and nearly guaranteeing a crash into a wall. That said, it can drift fairly well, but only if the turbo is not engaged the moment the drift is started.

One plus to the Sand Shark is its armor statistic of 10, making it potentially useful for the more combat-driven events.