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The saw fish is an enemy in Jak 3. They are aquatic metal heads only seen in the Haven sewers during the missions "Reach Port via sewer" and "Find switch in sewers".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art of the saw fish

Saw fish closely resemble marlins, with their long protuberances (albeit with saw teeth along the edges), though conversely they have four webbed-feet and a tail. They are a light blue with very minimal armor, in contrast to most metal heads. It is semi-aquatic dwelling in the sewers and pipes.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Saw fish in the sewers.

The saw fish is a formidable enemy in the water, where it cannot be practically fought without relying on auto-targeting or large explosive weapons. Despite this however, it is only actually fought on land (even if it is in a body of water, it will climb on land to fight you). They do have an above average amount of health, but they are fairly clumsy and lack any ranged attacks.

Both the Wave Concussor as the Beam Reflexor are good weapons against these enemies early on. Later on any stronger weapon can handle them with ease.

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