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The sawbot is an enemy in The Lost Frontier. They were mass-produced by Tym to help around Brink Island, on which he was marooned. With their mounted arm blades, they specialized in cutting down lumber for construction, and are presumably responsible for the lumber found stacked near, and used to build, Tym's treehouse.

At some point their programming caused them to become hostile, forcing Tym to barricade himself behind large wooden gates and a laser barrier.[a] Together with tripodbots and drillbots, they dominated Brink Island, making it a dangerous place for visitors, namely Jak who encountered them during the mission "Look for a way off the island" and "Retrieve velonium power pod".


Sawbots are very bulky robots, with a large body, compared by Daxter to a mini-fridge, sitting on a pair of tank treads. Their armor is mostly yellow, though they also have a metallic color from exposed mechanics. They have a single eye device on their comparatively small head, which they use to seek out enemies and attack with the sawblades attached to each of their arms.

Sawbots possess an unusual speed, as streaks of white can be seen behind them when they "sprint" towards their target. Before spotting a target (and in some other mission-related cases) they will remain stationary in front of a tree and use their sawblades to cut them down. They sometimes do this to coordinate ambushes, as they will lie in wait behind trees and atop cliffs before dropping down to attack or cutting down the trees on top of Jak.


Sawbots are a fairly simple engagement, their only advantage being their high speed and large numbers. They can be taken out fairly quickly with a melee–firearm combination. However, the Scatter Gun is most helpful when engaging multiple sawbots, particularly in combination with the eco amplifier.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sawbot concept art.png
Sawbot beta.jpg

Early concept art of the sawbot (top), with gameplay featuring the early version (bottom).

Early concepts for the sawbot (pictured right top), as well as beta gameplay screenshots (pictured right bottom), feature an armor-less sawbot, with exhaust pipes and more threatening-looking heads. The concept art version also appears to have the sawbot using anti-gravity technology, as it does not possess the tank treads.


  1. In a non-canon pre-production video, Tym stated that he was perplexed as to why this happened, as, after all, he used his own brain as a model (Tym suffered from amnesia and dementia).