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The Scatter Gun is a weapon used by Jak during Jak II, Jak 3, and The Lost Frontier. It is a red eco-powered red mod Morph Gun and gunstaff weapon, focusing on short-range, blunt-force firepower.

Jak first received the Scatter Gun, along with the base Morph Gun, from Krew before the mission "Beat Scatter Gun course", after which he had to complete a gun course training session to learn how to use it. In Jak 3, Damas gave Jak the Scatter Gun weapon, along with a new Morph Gun, before the mission "Earn 2nd war amulet".

In The Lost Frontier, Jak acquired the Scatter Gun after crash-landing on a remote part of Brink Island after chasing Phoenix. While the Scatter Gun acted in the same manner as it did in Jak II and Jak 3, it operated on the gunstaff opposed to the Morph Gun, and instead of ammo discs, it used a different type of ammo clip.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Scatter Gun gameplay during Jak II.

Jak receiving the Scatter Gun in Jak II.

For the Morph Gun, the Scatter Gun is a relatively small weapon, the design being able to be likened to many modern weapons with the exception of the ammo disc located on top of the device. It is small enough that Jak will sometimes wield it with one hand when firing multiple shots in a row. For the gunstaff, it is similar to the basic gunstaff model, but with a large, blocky device at the end. Its shot is a large, cone-shaped blast of red eco.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The Scatter Gun has a wide field of fire, making it an ideal weapon for large groups of enemies. It operates in a similar fashion to a shotgun; a single shot of high firepower which can deal heavy damage to multiple opponents.

The Scatter Gun is particularly useful against enemies which take multiple hits to kill—a useful combative tactic is to couple a Scatter Gun blast with a punch or a kick (Square or Circle). Doing this at least once (some enemies require more) will kill an enemy faster than other maneuvers before upgrading to other Morph Gun mods, as it will first attack the enemy with a melee, and then auto-lock on to the same enemy when firing the Scatter Gun shot, which is useful if said enemy is not directly in front of you.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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