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The scooter,[1] also known as the vespa,[2] is a vehicle owned by Ximon and used by Kridder Ridder, featured in Daxter. With permission from Osmo, Daxter obtained the vehicle to traverse Haven City after a bug extermination mission in Breezy Valley. However, the scooter only was only ever featured in one mission, "Follow that prison zoomer!", in which Daxter had to use the scooter to follow Jak in a prison zoomer. Daxter ultimately failed to catch up with him, and was instead rescued by Ximon.


The scooter is a small, yellow vehicle that hovers just a few inches off the ground. It has a single head light and handle bar used for steering, and its forward strut is resemblant of the air racers. The scooter is useful for traveling around the city, and can reach speeds comparable to other zoomers. However, its drawback is that it cannot hover at high altitudes.

Jak X versionEdit

Scooter alternate version

The alternate version.

If the player links their console up to Jak X: Combat Racing with a 100% save file from that game, an alternative version of the scooter is unlocked, and the Daxtermobile is unlocked in Jak X: Combat Racing. The alternative version sports a purple paint job, hot rod flames toward the front of the vehicle, two additional headlights below the handle bars, a small windshield, dual exhaust pipes just beneath the vehicle, an antennae, a large spoiler, and a few other minor cosmetic differences.


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