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The scout, also known as the drag head, pegasus, or grunt dragon, is a metal head in Jak II. It is a rare type of metal head, only found in Haven Forest during the mission "Catch scouts in Haven Forest".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

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Scouts are long, slender, quadruped, blue skinned metal heads capable of flight. Their wings have a dragon-like shape, following suit with the rest of the bio-mechanical body structure. They have large feet equipped with four claws, which dangle below their body during flight.

Scouts are sent to some areas to scout ahead for the Metal Head forces. When an area is found the scout will presumably report back to the Metal Head leader. They appear to have a higher intelligence when it comes to maneuvering, though they flee on sight, due to lack of weaponry. The fact it has no weapons also indicates there may be other motives to the Metal Heads other than destruction, or merely display the wide range of purposes individual species of Metal Heads fulfill.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Since the scout has no weapons and is very weak and fragile, it uses it's wings and agility to avoid enemies if they get near it. Targeting it with the Blaster won't work as it flies away too fast. To kill a scout you have to chase it using the JET-Board, when close enough you'll automatically grapple it and slam it into the ground where it dies right away.

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