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Hey, you found one of my scout flies! I sent seven of them to each area to look for power cells, but the lurkers must have captured them all! —Keira (communicator), The Precursor Legacy
The scout fly is an artificial creature in The Precursor Legacy. They were built by Keira to scout for power cells. The scout fly has a very large head, with large black eyes and a round beige nose. It has antennae and wings, with a small thorax with four legs. The majority of the color on its body is a light blue with robotic colors such as black and silver.

Locked box

A locked box.

Seven scout flies were sent to each area but were captured by lurkers and caged in locked boxes,[1] also known as scout fly crates,[2][3] and upon freeing all of them in one area Jak receives a power cell. The boxes that contain the scout flies can usually only be opened with a dive attack (X + Square) or an uppercut (Square + X). However, Jak can also use blue eco, yellow eco, or red eco to open them. Locked boxes are red in color with metal framing, and capable of withstanding the heat of even Fire Canyon and Lava Tube. Scout flies can be heard from within the locked boxes, giving the player a clue to their location.

In total there are 112 scout flies in The Precursor Legacy, with 7 boxes scattered in all 16 levels of the game. They provide an easy power cell in every level and are always listed as the last power cell (farthest right) in the game's menu.