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A security pass is a device seen in Jak II, used to grant its user specific access to Haven City checkpoints indicated by laser barriers or other restricted locations such as the Haven Palace or weapons factory. Five times Jak receives one from someone, though the first he steals in the "Blow up ammo at fortress" mission. They also function as a communicator and a form of identification, as when flipped up it will show a picture of the owner. Jak mainly uses them to get around the city, however.

Security passesEdit

Security pass Obtained Function
Red pass Found in Fortress Allow access into Industrial Section and Port
Green pass Given to you by Krew Allow access into Main Town and Mar Memorial Stadium
Yellow pass Given to you by Ashelin Praxis Allow access into the Bazaars, Gardens, and Palace Grounds
Purple pass Given to you after completing the Class 1 Race Allow access into Haven Palace
Black pass Given to you by Ashelin Praxis Allow access into weapons factory
Air train pass Given to you by Kor Allow use of air train
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