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Sentinel Beach is a location in The Precursor Legacy. It is a long beach stretched across a large tract of land south-west of Sandover Village, located around a large bay with an old tower at sea-mouth and old stone sentinels at the end of the beach. It consists of sandy areas and an elevated hill with flat grassy plains and small village huts, and is occupied by unique lurkers such as the lurker crab and sand worm, among others, and other fauna such as seagulls, a pelican, and a flut flut egg.

It has a proliferation of green eco vents which Samos Hagai harvested for his experiments.

History[edit | edit source]

Sentinel Beach is one of the first locations visited by Jak and Daxter in The Precursor Legacy. Samos Hagai asked Jak to unclog the green eco harvesters on the western side of the beach in the mission "Unblock the eco harvesters". Additionally, the Birdwatcher assigned Jak the mission "Push the flut flut egg off the cliff". While there, Jak also explored various other missions and means of collecting power cells, although one of the power cell's accessibility was contingent on activating the blue eco vent switch in Forbidden Jungle in order to launch up to the cannon tower and retrieve the power cell there.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Sentinel Beach is an extension of western Sandover Village, which can be reached by passing through three stone arches located ahead of the Sculptor's hut. It is a beach also containing a small, grassy village-like area which has a few huts, windmills, and other primitive apparatuses. It features a tower with a cannon which is constantly bombing the beach's surface and breaking strong boxes. It has three stone sentinels patrolled by babaks and occupied by seagulls. The area has a large waterfall and a bay, with a small island in the middle of it and three islets with launchers which are used to access the cannon tower. There is a small bay in the middle of the beach with an islet housing a pelican nest where a lone pelican can be located.

There are also two large Precursor robots embedded in a large rock wall which is only revealed after causing an avalanche.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Sentinel Beach screen 2.png
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