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Shiv is a minor character in Jak X: Combat Racing. Born on the streets of Spargus, the former wastelander[1] participated in the Kras City Grand Championship as a member of Mizo's combat racing gang alongside Razer, Edje, and Cutter. Shiv was said to have earned "deep respect and fear" with his vehicular prowess and brutality, gradually rising through the ranks and eventually inspiring the mantra "Never turn your back on Shiv".[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Daxter telling a story to Shiv and Edje.

A minor character, Shiv was not featured prominently in the game, except in the capacity as one of Mizo's thugs, a minor antagonist, and competitor during races. He was first seen in the opening sequence at the Bloody Hook, listening to Daxter's story about his and Jak's first day in Kras City.

During the races, Shiv used the Basher for the Red Eco Cup, the Roadhog for the Green Eco Cup, the Boomer for the Blue Eco Cup, and again the Basher for both the Yellow Eco Cup and during exhibition mode.[2]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Finalized concept art of Shiv.

Shiv is a tall, built human male, with orange hair and distinctive flame tattoos over his left eye and right forearm, the latter of which is shared among all of Mizo's thugs. Perhaps his most notable characteristic, however, is the cropping of both his ears, similar to Klout from The Lost Frontier. He wears a thick brown vest over an off-white T-shirt cut off at the sleeves, with striped blue pants, protective knee pads, and brown boots.

References[edit | edit source]

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