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The sling blaster, also known as the grenadier, is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It is a metal head first encountered at Dead Town in the mission "Protect site in Dead Town", and later encountered at the dig site in the mission "Get seal piece at dig". They later made a re-appearance in Jak 3 in the mission "Reach Port via sewer".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Sling blaster concept art

The sling blaster is a slender, blue-skinned metal head, similar to the centurion, but with a tail and a sling blaster instead of a rifle. It is also much stronger than the centurion, even though it is noticeably thinner.

Sling blasters typically like to stand guard in isolated areas where they cannot be contacted by opponents very easily. They run with their bodies hung low, using their tail for balance. Upon detection of an enemy they will let out a roar. They carry a sling blaster which they use to fire dark eco at enemies. The sling blaster is a metallic stick with an elastic rope.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Jak shooting at a duo of sling blasters.

The sling blaster's main attack is to hurl dark eco at enemies, it has a long range but low firing rate (especially because they move around after every shot). They retaliate with a very fast counterattack with their weapon if attacked up close by using a Morph Gun weapon. The best way to kill these is by using the Vulcan Fury, which due to its rapid fire will not allow the sling blaster to recover and move around.

The Blaster works too, although it is weaker compared to the Vulcan Fury. In Jak 3 the Beam Reflexor and Arc Wielder are good choices too. Lastly it is possible to kill them easily with melee attacks, they will not use their range attack and if you do not use a weapon they will not counterattack either, though they will strike you if you get too close while not actively hitting them.

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