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Snowy Mountain is a location in The Precursor Legacy. It is a large mountainous structure located at a high altitude above Volcanic Crater, at the end of Mountain Pass, and is home to a large lurker concentration, outfitted with a fort and several ice driller operations, among others. It also contains several Precursor artifacts and devices, including the yellow eco vent switch and other large structures. The mountain is the only location, aside from Boggy Swamp, in which the flut flut is utilized.


Before the events of The Precursor Legacy, lurkers began occupying Snowy Mountain under the direction of Gol Acheron and his sister Maia in search of the vast Precursor technology which had remained dormant or undiscovered in the glaciers. When Jak, Daxter, Samos and Keira arrived at Volcanic Crater, Samos reported lurker movement in Snowy Mountain as they were attempting to dislodge dark eco canisters from the ice, and gave Jak and Daxter the mission "Stop the 3 lurker glacier troops".

While at the mountain, Jak and Daxter also discovered the yellow eco vent switch, which activated yellow eco vents around the world. They also managed to infiltrate the lurker fort and stop the lurker activity there, as well as de-activate several blockers.



A cave.

Snowy Mountain is accessible via a gondola located in front of the Red Sage's hut. The mountain is divided into several different sections, primarily consisting of frozen-over mountains, an avalanche path which endlessly throws large snow boulders, a large frozen lake and several other frozen-over bodies of water, and icy bridges; the latter two making traversing the mountain difficult. Behind a group of fir trees is an entrance to a large grotto which contains the yellow eco vent switch and several other functioning Precursor devices. There are several areas where dark eco canisters and other relics can be seen frozen into thick ice, where the battering ram operations are located.

The mountain is infested with lurkers, with yetis spawning seemingly endlessly from beneath the thick snow, and ice lurkers spawning from the frozen lakes. There are two areas in the mountain which have prominent lurker occupancy, a lurker cave (in which Jak had to survive the lurker-infested cave), and a lurker fort, which is placed in the center of the mountain.

Lurker fort[]

The lurker fort.

The lurker fort is a large fortification bordered by immense wooden stakes, the door of which is lowered only by travelling under ground. Inside the fort are two battering rams and several wooden scaffolding platforms, as well as a large building which can only be scaled and not entered.