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South Haven Forest is a location featured in Jak 3. Connected to Haven City via an airlock in the Metal Head city section, it is an extension of and is situated to the south of Haven Forest. It shares many similarities to Haven Forest, though appears to be in the midst of the autumn season during the game. Jak first visited the forest on request of Samos Hagai, who had gotten reports of a dark eco infestation. Jak used his JET-Board to disperse green eco from vents to kill all of the dark plants that had amassed upon the grounds inside the area, as well as to ward off the pod spiders which appeared en-masse.

After the plants were destroyed several ancient Precurian pillars appeared in the center of the area, the middle of which held a set of shoulder armor for the Armor of Mar. Later on, Jak once again visited the location when Samos and Keira found out that the pillars were connected to new artifacts Jak had found. This time he had to use his JET-Board to complete several ring challenges for several ancient statues, which ultimately caused the pillars to fully rise into the sky and the Astro-Viewer to appear at the very top. Jak then used the viewer, in combination with his new artifacts, to gaze at the oncoming Dark Maker ship.

Jak using the Astro-Viewer.

Lastly he once more traveled to the forest as Samos suspected the Astro-Viewer did more than just look at the stars, although by then dark maker troopers and hornets nests had taken over and set up defensive positions. Jak ultimately managed to defeat the dark hordes and use the Astro-Viewer and his new Time Map to connect to the dark ship's systems, with which he disabled the shield protecting it from the Planetary Defense System.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Much like Haven Forest, the South Forest lies amid rocky and mountainous terrain with a large amount of trees spread throughout the area; a short but tall mountain effectively splits the area in half. The northern half of the area is primarily dominated by the large lake in the center, which contains the Precurian pillars. Surrounding this are several small pathways, sometimes connected by wooden bridges that break down when crossed and long logs covering gaps. The smaller southern part is essentially a river that runs through a valley, connected on both ends to the main lake.

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