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The spyder gunner, also known as the crab head, is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It is a metal head, first encountered at the pumping station in the missions "Protect Sig at the pumping station" and "Find pumping station patrol". They were again encountered as cloakers in the mission "Hunt Haven Forest metal heads" in Haven Forest. They later made a re-appearance in Jak 3 in the mission "Reach catacombs via palace ruins" near the palace ruins.


Spyder gunner concept art

Concept art.

The spyder gunner is a quadrupedal metal head, having four crab-like legs as a base, a very small abdomen, and a typical metal head face. It has blue skin complexion with various bio-mechanical metal plates for armor. It has two arms in addition to its four legs, with one of the arms obtaining a mounted blaster.

Spyder gunners will usually patrol areas, lying in wait for a trespasser. However, they are sometimes found in large groups of up to four members (but were once seen executing an ambush of over ten). Due to their heavy armor and large size, they are not very fast. They were once seen using cloaking technology similar to cloakers.


Find pumping station patrol

Ashelin and Jak fighting off a group of spyder gunners.

The spyder gunner has one attack where it, after detecting an enemy, fires off a repeated stream of dark eco bullets at a short distance in front of it. It will slowly fire upwards, increasing the range of its blaster, with which it can also slightly follow you if you move around it.

After firing like that for a short while (not firing very far), it will stop and scuttle closer, where after it resumes firing. It will repeat this pattern forever, making it impossible to come close to it safely. Thus, they are best killed with a long range weapon like with the Blaster. Furthermore, despite their size they are fairly weak. Take note that if cloaked, rely on their tendency to fire at you even if they can't hit you to find out where they are.

These enemies are best taken out from long range, however, if using melee attacks at close range, they tend to resist firing, especially if you use a consecutive combo. In the palace ruins during Jak 3, use the Mass Inverter to render them helpless, then taking them out with the Beam Reflexor is typically most efficient. During Jak II, it is suggested to use the Blaster, or if at close range use the wastelander combo with the Scatter Gun.

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