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The Street Grinder is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is unlocked by completing the Red Eco Cup's Grand Prix, and is one of the first cars you will receive for the Green Eco Cup (along with the Hammer Head). This vehicle is used by Ashelin Praxis during the Green Eco Cup, and by Cutter during the Green and Yellow Eco Cup, as well as in exhibition mode.


The Street Grinder is closer to the ground than most, though the cabin is suspended quite a bit in comparison with the Road Blade. Still retaining a sleek aesthetic, it sports jaunty armor plating (with large wheel guards and a noticeable spoiler), though it's not too incredibly fortified.

The Street Grinder is an innocuous choice, with all around statistics neither outstanding nor inadequate (with the exception of the gearbox statistic, with which it excels). Aside from the statistics, however, the Street Grinder noticeably excels in overall deftness and nimbleness, able to smoothly drive through tight corners with stable control and accurate steering. Even while boosting and powersliding, it is able to take corners with unexpected success.