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Strong box.

The strong box, also known as the steel crate, is a durable metallic box featured in The Precursor Legacy. It is commonly used to encase large amounts of Precursor orbs, but in rare cases also contains power cells. The strong box, as its name implies, is made of a strong metal material. Although the side plates are a lighter shade of gray and there is a yellow-ish metal vertical band on the side. It has a yellow-colored lock at the front. These boxes contain Precursor orbs and are impossible to destroy with normal attacks. Because of this Jak has to use a nearby cannon or any available yellow eco to destroy it. They can also be destroyed by a flut flut or an A-Grav Zoomer, along with a direct landing on them after being launched from a blue eco launcher. They are quite rare and can only be found at a few locations, such as Sentinel Beach, Misty Island, and Boggy Swamp.

Find the hidden power cell[edit | edit source]

This is a mission at the Volcanic Crater. You will have to get yellow eco from Spider Cave to destroy this metal box containing a power cell.

Open the frozen crate[edit | edit source]

This is another mission at Snowy Mountain. There is a metal box somewhere in a cave, frozen into a wall. Use yellow eco to destroy it and take the power cell inside.

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