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The Super Nova is a weapon used by Jak in Jak 3. It is the third and last dark mod weapon for the Morph Gun and is powered by dark eco. It is a mass-destruction, heavy firepower, miniature nuclear weapon, which was acquired by Jak after the mission "Blow open tower door".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The design is similar to the Blaster, only purple-colored and an entirely gray barrel. The most obvious difference is the small rocket mounted on top. The actual rocket will shoot forward, jet upwards, and slam downwards to either the ground or the target which the laser sight pointed on (if pointed on a wall or other similar object, the rocket will stick to it). When this happens, either immediately after or a few seconds after, the rocket will detonate, blanking the screen white, and destroying everything within a large radius. Afterward, only a small mushroom cloud can be seen if its trajectory was uninterrupted. If the missile hits an obstacle before beginning its strike, it will explode after about two seconds in a cloud of embers, though the effect is unchanged.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The most powerful Morph Gun mod in the series, it is certain to kill every single enemy in the vicinity (and blow up any vehicles with it as well). Consider it a last resort weapon which can only be used twice (assuming one saves the dark mod ammunition), although cases in which it is truly needed are relatively rare. It is best reserved for the largest fights against the Dark Makers' troopers and hornets, either at the Metal Head tower, the Dark Maker ship or during the final boss fight. Bosses are the only enemies capable of surviving the Super Nova.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As with many long-range Morph Gun weapons, the Super Nova will ignore water physics, and the rocket will be sent straight down into an endless void if it does not stick to a wall or solid object inside the water.
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