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The Super Nova and its dark eco variant Stellar Nova are racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. When fired, all opponent race cars in front of the user instantaneously explode, leaving behind nothing but a large white flash and the remains of the toasted vehicle. Victims of the Super Nova must wait 3 seconds before respawning, whereas victims of the Stellar Nova must wait 5 seconds.

Be warned that you have 10 seconds to fire the weapon before it backfires, causing the self-destruction of your vehicle. The time meter appears over your on-screen HUD, and will display "Super Nova backfires!" when time runs out.

If an opponent manages to grab a Super Nova, hope that they are in front of you, as other than a shield system, that is your only chance of escaping the weapon. Even the shield system is completely left up to chance, as the weapon strikes without warning.

The Super Nova weapons only appear in the circuit race events, and are not used by NPC drivers. Note that this weapon is one of the rarest, and you have a higher chance of acquiring it when you're in last place. Furthermore, this weapon will not appear until after the first thirty seconds of the race.[a] Acquisition of this weapon is indicated by a mushroom cloud icon, similar to what appears in the aftermath of the Super Nova Morph Gun weapon from Jak 3, after which this racing weapon was named.

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  1. If you turn all but Super Nova pick-ups off, yellow eco pick-ups will remain empty until after thirty seconds.
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