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Trophy: It's Dark in Here
Complete 'Survive the lurker-infested cave'. Bronze

Survive the lurker-infested cave was a mission in The Precursor Legacy that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell. A swarm of lurkers inhabited a cave, until Jak bested them and found a power cell.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of The Precursor Legacy will unlock the bronze trophy It's Dark in Here.


When standing in front of the lurker fort, head left and cross the two frozen bridges and head into the cave here. Use the floating platform to cross the gap and find a red eco vent. Using the red eco, you'll have to traverse through a cave filled with citadel bunnys and some dark eco boxes, the red eco will increase your hit range so you can destroy the boxes without needing to touch them. This also helps immensely for taking out all the lurkers here, though it is not needed.

It can also be done without eco, but isn't recommended due to the enemy numbers and their unpredictability as well as speed. The power cell is located at the end of this cave here.

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