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Wolf pack swarming missiles don't deal much damage individually, but they fire lots of homing missiles with each shot.

Daxter, The Lost Frontier

The swarmer missile, also called the wolf pack swarming missile, is an plane weapon featured in The Lost Frontier. Technically not one missile, but rather a group of tiny missiles that automatically seek out targets, dealing relatively high damage despite their small size. Once fired they will travel towards any enemies in the vicinity and explode on impact. If no targets are nearby they will simply travel forward until they either run out or reach an enemy. As such, it is most useful for targeting small and fast enemies such as Aeropan fighters without having to bother aiming.

The swarmer missile icon.

Unlike most other weapons, the swarmer missile weapon does not increase in rate of fire when multiples are loaded onto a ship. Instead, the number of missiles launched each time is increased, with three missiles being fired each time for each additional slot in which the weapon is equipped. As such, the Gunship can fire a maximum of 15 missiles each time. However, this relates directly to a notably poor performance point for the swarmer missile weapon, as fire rate is in fact incredibly low. As such, despite the good damage-per-missile, it tends to become outmatched quickly as it cannot output damage enough quickly to keep up.

Locations and availability[edit | edit source]

Number How to get Location and availability
1 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Get supplies from Far Drop".
2 Daxterjacking After the mission "Get supplies from Far Drop".
3 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Repel the Aeropan boarders".
4 Side mission Received from the Precursor statue at Pirate's Cove after destroying 30 dark eco crystals.
5 Phantom Blade console Only available in Hero Mode.
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