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Trophy: The Masked Marauders
Complete 'Take out Marauder stronghold'. Silver

Take out Marauder stronghold is a mission in Jak 3. Seem called Jak on his communicator saying Marauders had attacked their artifact dig and taken a precursor artifact. Presumably they took it back to their Marauder stronghold, Seem asked Jak to go and take it back in turn for a reward. Once you complete the previous mission, Defend Spargus' front gate, the game will force you to proceed with this mission as there is no choice.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak 3 will unlock the silver trophy The Masked Marauders.


Using the Dune Hopper, head for the Stronghold. Once inside, it turns out you fell into a trap. Marauder catapults will bombard the Stronghold from outside, so take care to avoid the flaming rocks that drop around this arena every so often. Many marauders will appear from doors in the walls, so prepare for them with your best weapons, especially the Wave Concussor, Needle Lazer, and Gyro Burster, as they are a good choice here. You need to kill sixty of them to end the ambush, where after the commanders will flee in their blue marauder buggies.

Get in the Dune Hopper again and chase after them. They're not any sturdier or faster than the normal buggies, but they won't attempt to fight you either and solely run away for the duration of this mission. You have around a minute or so for the first three each, while the last one has no timer. You can't just leave him however, as he will still escape even without the timer.

To catch the commanders, your driving needs to be fairly good. Try using jumps and boosts to cut big gaps or get over annoying sections. It is possible to sometimes launch your grenades very far ahead when high in the air. Try using this to snipe the enemy commander from afar if you are feeling lucky.

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