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Targets, such as scarecrows, test dummies, and drones are devices used throughout the Jak and Daxter series, serving as destructible objects and/or point-based objectives during various training courses. They are typically built to resemble full-scale enemies such as lurkers, metal heads, KG death bots, pirates, and combat racers, depending on the situation and task at hand. Some are designed to only break if struck at a certain weak spot, a certain amount of times, or with a specific weapon.


The Precursor Legacy[]

Scarecrows on Geyser Rock.

The first targets seen in the series were in The Precursor Legacy. They were scarecrows encountered at Geyser Rock where Jak was sent for training before he was consented to explore beyond Sandover Village. They consisted of makeshift household items and could only be destroyed by hitting a specific spot, which was most often their bellies. Some also stood on high poles, requiring Jak to use an aerial attack (these depicting the double lurker). It is unknown who created them, or who placed them there, but it was likely either Keira or Samos Hagai, as Keira built devices and Samos sent Jak there in the first place to train.

Jak II[]

In Jak II, targets appeared in the gun course, during which they appeared as thin, wooden targets that resembled metal heads. Destroyed targets were exchanged for points in order to gauge qualifications and earn Precursor orbs. Some are just basic targets which can be destroyed with one hit, some are stronger and only get destroyed on the second hit, and then there are bonus targets which are a golden color. Unlike the dummies in the first game, these are mandatory in order to progress through the game.

Jak 3[]

In Jak 3, test dummies similar to those from the first game made a brief reappearance in the mission "Earn 1st war amulet". They were used in the Arena of Death, and were optional to destroy.

Additionally, targets in the gun course appeared again except in the form of various death bots, and were capable of actually harming Jak.

Jak X: Combat Racing[]

Drones during a rush hour event.

During Jak X: Combat Racing, specialized race cars known as drones appeared on the track for training purposes and also to earn points during the death race and rush hour events. Yellow drones appeared during death races, while green, blue, and red appeared during rush hour. The green gave one point, blue gave two points, and red damaged Jak's vehicle on touch.

The Lost Frontier[]

Targets appeared during The Lost Frontier in the Danger Course in Aeropa. They had a similar function to the targets in the gun course of Haven City from Jak II and Jak 3, except they depicted pirates instead of death bots or metal heads.