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The tentacle is an invisible wall mechanism in Jak 3. Belonging to an unknown sea creature (most likely an octopus) off the coast of the Wasteland and Spargus, it will prevent Jak from swimming out too far by grasping him from the depths below and pulling him down, acting similarly to Lurker sharks.

There is little warning of the enemy's appearance, aside from a few surfacing bubbles. In Spargus, the allotted range is to the small island shortly ahead of the gun turret. In the Wasteland, activation is quick, giving the player little to no room in the water.

The tentacle is unbeatable and cannot be bypassed;[a] if Jak attempts to use the JET-Board, he will simply dismount it the second the bubbles begin to rise. Also, Light Jak's Flash Freeze is incapable of escaping the tentacle's reaction time.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. However, there is a glitch involving the leaper lizard and the invincibility cheat, where if Jak mounts the leaper and walks out onto the water, the Leaper will simply walk over the tentacle and eventually the water. If Jak dismounts the leaper, bubbles will appear and the tentacle will strike.

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