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The termite,[1] also known as a flea,[2] is a common enemy featured in Daxter. They are very small, black, spherical creatures with a purple glow that gather in large swarms and will attack their targets simply by touching them. They are able to move quickly for their size by performing very high jumps. Tik was a friendly termite with a yellow glow, capable of speaking the single word "Tik".

It is unclear whether or not termites belong to the metal bug species. One source states they were common Haven City bugs that Osmo's ancestors were used to exterminating before the Metal Bug invasion (along with curly crabs), whereas during the boss fight with the hive queen at the strip mine, it spawned new termites to defend itself.

Termite mound

While termites are featured as common enemies throughout the game, they were the particular subject of the mission "Find and destroy termite mounds" at the construction site. Osmo sent Daxter here to clean it up a second time, now needing to exterminate the various termite mounds: large, soil mounds that endlessly produced termites. The mounds were quite vulnerable, and either the electric bug swatter or the spray gun worked well in destroying them.

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