The Lost Frontier subtitle

The Lost Frontier armor render

From left to right, top to bottom: Brink Field Jacket, Crash Plate Armor, Sky Baron Uniform, Precursor Battlegear, Dark Sage's Mail.

The Lost Frontier armor concept art

Concept art of the armor, same order as above.

In The Lost Frontier, Jak can collect armor from brown treasure chests at certain points in the game. Each set of armor adds additional hit points to Jak's health meter, each increasing in amount with subsequent sets acquired. The hit points do not stack, however, as when one set of armor is traded out for another, the hit points are replaced accordingly (in other words, when you pick up a new armor set, you will only see one hit point added to the meter, except for the last set with which you will gain two points).

Armor chest render

Armor chests.

Each armor set is trimmed with glowing lights. The color of this trim changes according to which category of eco skill you have spent the most dark eco on. For example, if you have spent more dark eco on red eco skills than any other color, your armor will glow red. Once your eco skills are maxed out, your armor will glow white.

Armor Hit points Acquired
Brink Field Jacket 1 During "Look for a way off the island" on Brink Island.
Crash Plate Armor 2 During "Land on Brink Island and search volcano for eco seeker" inside the Brink volcano.
Sky Baron Uniform 3 During "Search for light eco" after the cave segment in the abandoned research rig.
Precursor Battlegear 4 During "Head to the palace" in Aeropa.
Dark Sage's Mail 6 Hero Mode, during "Retrieve velonium power pod" just before the Precursor idol that originally gave you eco construct.