The Lost Frontier subtitle The controls for The Lost Frontier. Originally to be released on the PlayStation Portable, the game was ported to the PlayStation 2 before both debuted in November 2009. As such, both the controls for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 will be included.

The PSP version also became available via PlayStation Network for the PlayStation Vita, alas the PSP controls apply instead of the potential application of using the touchpad to enable the PS2 version.


Jak is the main character, who you control for nearly the entirety of the game, be it on foot or on board a plane.

Name PS2 controls PSP/Vita controls Effect
Move character Left analog stick Move the player character around.
Move camera Right analog stick Shoulder L or Shoulder R Move the camera around.
Jump X Jump once.
Double jump X + X Jump twice in the air for extra height.
Use Triangle Enter a plane or use a device.
Forward strike Square Forward strike with the Gunstaff.
Uppercut Square + X A forward strike followed by an uppercut.
Spin kick Circle A 360-degree spin kick attack.
Aerial spin kick X + Circle A 360-degree spin kick in the air
Dive attack X + Square Dive fists-first from a jump to execute a top-down attack.
Continuous dive attack X (hold), Square (while in mid-air) After a dive attack Jak will bounce back into the air, at which point another attack can be executed if timed properly.
Equip weapons Up or Down or Left or Right Up Select from the four different Gunstaff weapon mods (as available).
Shoot L1 Triangle Fire one shot from your equipped weapon. Hold to fire continuously if using the Vulcan Fury.
Wastelander move Square + L1 Square + Triangle (Blaster only) A melee attack followed by a three-shot bullet stream from the Blaster.
Aerial Wastelander move X + Circle + L1 X + Circle + Triangle An aerial 360-degree rapid fire attack.
Cycle through eco powers L2 Left or Right or Select Cycles through available eco powers.
Use eco power N/A Down (Applicable to PSP only) Perform the currently selected eco power.
Eco amplifier R2 N/A Fire a red orb that explodes when shot.
Eco construct L2 + Square N/A Create eco constructions of green crystal to harm enemies or create platforms.
Eco rocket jump L2 + X N/A Uses yellow eco to launch yourself into the air.
Eco teleport L2 + L1 N/A Teleport and switch places with specific Precursor statues.
Eco reflexes L2 + Triangle N/A Boost your own reflexes as if time where slowed down.
Eco shield L2+ Circle N/A Encases yourself in a shield, blocking damage and contact with dark eco.
Center camera L1 + L1 Shoulder L + Shoulder R Tap at the same time to center the camera.
Start Start Open the in-game menu.


Jak has access to a collection of planes with which he can traverse the game's various hub locations. Each plane functions the same for the most part, but performs differently from others.

Note: The Interceptor is a notable exception when it comes to acceleration and airbraking, as it does not require you to hold either of the related buttons. Instead press them to enter your desired mode of flight, then press again to return to a normal cruising speed.

Name PS2 controls PSP/Vita controls Effect
Steer Left analog stick Control the direction of the plane.
Boost X Engage the plane's boosters.
Airbrake Square Engage airbrakes (does not completely stop plane).
Loop Up Performing a loop throws off targeting, and sometimes will allow you to navigate behind assailants.
Barrel roll Left or Right Perform a barrel roll, allowing you to easily navigate side-to-side and also throws off enemy targeting.
Slip turn Down Turn 180 degrees in mid-air, also throws off targeting.
Fire primary weapon L1 Shoulder R Fire primary weapons.
Fire secondary weapon L1 Shoulder L Fire secondary weapons.
Ground attack rockets Triangle Fire heavy rockets (if available).
Daxterjack / Land Circle Daxterjack a plane or missile, or land at a specific designation.

Dark DaxterEdit

Dark Daxter is Daxter's dark alter ego of his own, packing destructive power with his formidable size.

Name PS2 controls PSP/Vita controls Effect
Move Left analog stick or Right analog stick Left analog stick Move around.
Dark eco bolts X Fire dark eco blasts from Daxter's hands.
Ground pound Circle Pound both of Daxter's fists on the ground to flip switches and use as an attack.
Pick up and throw Square Press when next to an enemy to pick it up, press again to throw it.
Frenzy Mode Triangle Enter frenzy mode, causing Dark Daxter to become like a tornado, press again to exit.


There are two types of turrets on the Phantom Blade, the rapid-fire turret and the lob cannon, each of which function the same but have different characteristics.

Name PS2 controls PSP/Vita controls Effect
Enter / Exit Circle or Triangle Circle Enter or exit gun turret.
Aim Left analog stick Move the turret's reticle.
Shoot L1 Triangle Fires the turret, hold for repeated fire on the rapid-fire turret.