The Lost Frontier subtitle

Color Character
Green Jak
Blue Keira
Orange Daxter
Brown Phoenix
Yellow Tym
Purple Barter
Red Skyheed
Grey Ruskin

The following is a list of missions in The Lost Frontier. Unlike previous games, the order of missions is almost entirely linear, given to you either by other characters or prompted by events that transpire mid-game. Objectives are indicated on the minimap, and your hub is for the most part the Phantom Blade as you travel to different locations.


Find green eco fuel
Shoot down the pirate raiders
Beat the Danger Course
Escape from the sewers
Go after Phoenix
Look for a way off the island
Retrieve velonium power pod
Board the pirate galleon
Land on Brink Island and search volcano for eco seeker
Defeat the dark mutants
Get supplies from Far Drop
Search for light eco
Escape the laser lab
Search the barracks for seeker piece
Defeat the Saucy Pirate
Bring coordinate sphere back to the galleon
Completion of both is required to continue
Find the third coordinate sphere
Repel the Aeropan boarders
Search research rig for Precursor facility
Fight off the Aeropan shock troops
Stop the Behemoth
Smash the barracks
Disable weapons control system
Head to the palace
Defeat Duke Skyheed
Pursue Skyheed
Take down the Behemoth