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A Precursor statue, responsible for the crystal hunt side missions.

Side missions are optional missions or minigames in The Lost Frontier. They are assigned by Precursor statues, pirate radio towers, or characters (such as Dirk Hardpeck or Barter). Side missions have a reward of 1 to 9 Precursor orbs, scrap, plane weapons, plane mods, or gunstaff upgrades.

Side mission types[]

Orb search[]

A very common side mission, once activated the camera will switch and show the location of a Precursor orb, usually with some kind of notable object in the background. This image stays on screen for a second and then it will switch back to Jak, who will then have a set time limit to collect the orb. The time limit varies between side missions, dependent on the distance between the player and the orb.

Dark eco crystal hunt[]

Each major location accessible by planes will have one large Precursor statue somewhere. Approach it to begin a hunt for dark eco crystals. Each crystal, once destroyed, releases a blue light that will follow you for a limited time. Note that each subsequent crystal adds another timer over the first one, which will obscure how long you have until your initial crystal restores itself. Return all the lights from each crystal to the statue to receive rewards. The recommended load-out is at least one, possibly upgraded, air speed mod and either the machine gun, laser, or Vulcan Cannon while using your fastest aircraft.

Plane races[]

Pirate radio tower missions[]

Received from radio towers stationed at Far Drop, the Aeropan research rig, and the Aeropan barracks, marked by a large yellow arrow icon on the map. Their missions usually entail disrupting Aeropan supply runs, specifically taking down an Aeropan transport, guarded by Aeropan fighters. The research rig's missions, however, involve taking down as many repair tenders as possible within a given time limit, also making it the only one to have bronze, silver, and gold goals with a specific reward for each tier.

Barter's bar brawls[]

Get supplies from Far Drop is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After defeating the mutant infestation in Far Drop, and thus fulfilling Jak's part of the deal with Barter regarding the supplies for the Phantom Blade's voyage, he visits Barter so he can honor his share of the promise. However, upon arriving in Barter's tavern, he has an additional request for them to "liven up place" for an additional reward, to which Jak responds positively. You will then have to proceed to fight all the pirates in the bar, using only melee attacks, after which you receive 2000 scrap and the option to take on more work from barter.

Barter's bar brawls are a series of side missions inside the tavern which require you to perform specific tasks which become increasingly difficult with each subsequent task, but in turn also award more items and valuables in return. As with the introduction mission, only melee attacks are allowed, although eco reflexes drastically lowers the difficulty, along with the right eco skills to enhance your melee combat prowess.

Scrap metal donations[]

After completing the mission "Get supplies from Far Drop" you can walk around Far Drop safely. Certain stationary pirates will ask you for scrap donations to restore structures destroyed during the attack in exchange for Precursor orbs. It is possible to donate only a portion, allowing you to come back later and donate the remaining amount when you have acquired more scrap.

Ghost pirate treasure hunts[]

Ghostly Ace is indicated by the yellow arrow.

In Sector Zero's north-east quadrant is a lone ghostly Sky Raider, identical in appearance to the fighters that fly in duos, except this one flies solo. It generally flies around, but it is very common to see it snag on something and remain stuck in a single position. Shoot it down to summon the ghost pirate Thick McRunfast, then press Circle to "Talk to Ghostly Ace Thick McRunfast". (The first time you do this you will have to find McRunfast on your own, though after this a single red arrow appears on the map to indicate his position. The other ghost pirate enemies fly in duos (unless you shoot one down), which allows you to pick him out more easily.)

An eerie voice will then ask you to find his lost treasure, and you must hunt down one of five or six blinking green dots. As you approach a dot, a sonar will sound, and will grow faster in frequency as you approach the target. Some of them will disappear, however, and it is your job to find the one that doesn't. Once you find the right one, you will see a wreckage of a Sky Raider surrounded by a green cloud. Simply fly up to it to receive your reward.

The correct target will not always be the last one of the available five or six, which means the true location of the treasure is randomized at the start of the mission. You can repeat the ghost pirate treasure hunts five times.

Side missions[]

Orb searches[]

Location Title (computer) Time Map
Aeropa Orb search 1 (no. 01) 00:08
Orb search 2 (no. 02) 00:12
Orb search 3 (no. 03) 00:11
Orb search 4 (no. 03) 00:09
Orb search 5 (no. 04) 00:20
Orb search 6 (no. 05) 00:11
Orb search 7 (no. 06) 00:21
Brink Island Orb search 8 (no. 06) 00:20
Orb search 9 (no. 07) 00:15
Orb search 10 (no. 08) 00:09
Brink volcano Orb search 11 (no. 09) 00:15
Orb search 12 (no. 10) 00:17

Destroy dark eco crystals[]

Area Crystals Rewards
Brink Island 23
  • 2 crystals: 1000 scrap
  • 4 crystals: 3 Precursor orbs
  • 9 crystals: Blaster Improved rate of fire 1
  • 16 crystals: 3 Precursor orbs
  • 23 crystals: 5 Precursor orbs
Far Drop 30
Aeropan research rig 9
Aeropan barracks 7
Sector Zero 17
  • 3 crystals: 1 Precursor orb
  • 7 crystals: 4500 scrap
  • 12 crystals: Laser 3
  • 17 crystals: 7 Precursor orbs

Pirate radio tower missions[]

The Far Drop and barracks towers assign missions in which you must destroy Aeropan transports, whereas the rig tower only assigns missions in which you must destroy a set amount of repair tenders.

Location Title Description Completion reward
Far Drop Recover Weapon Artifact We've got word that a transport is carrying a load of weapon upgrades. There's one in particular you might find useful—take it down and it's yours. Laser 4
Snatch and Grab In order to understand Precursor technology better, the Aeropans have been collecting Precursor orbs. Destroy the transport and you can have the loot. 5 Precursor orbs
Destroy Transport The Aeropan supply transports sometimes get lost in this sector. If you find one, take it out to deny the Aeropans of their supplies. 5500 scrap
Aeropan barracks Idle Hands There's an idle Aeropan transport out there. Let's hit it now and bring back its scrap. 2500 scrap
Lost Technology The Aeropans just finished looting an ancient Precursor site. This transport's probably loaded with Precursor orbs, if you can take it out. 6 Precursor orbs
Weapon Mods We've got word that a transport is carrying a load of weapon upgrades. There's one in particular you might find useful—take it down and it's yours. Lobber increased ammo capacity
Location Title Description Bronze (14) Silver (18) Gold (22)
Aeropan research rig Neutralize A timed challenge to shoot down as many of the base's repair tenders as you can. 500 scrap 1500 scrap 5500 scrap
Exterminate Exterminate the new fleet of repair ships, while avoiding enemy fire. 2 Precursor orbs 3000 scrap Blaster reflexor beam
Vanquish Vanquish the repair ships once and for all. 2500 scrap 5 Precursor orbs Jack more scrap mod

Barter's bar brawls[]

Title Objective Reward
Handyman Pound 6 nails into the ground. 3 Precursor orbs
Barrel Corker Punch 6 corks back into their wine barrels. 1500 scrap
Hostile Working Conditions Pound 6 nails into the ground while being attacked by pirates. 9 Precursor orbs
Between a Cork and a Hard Place Punch 6 corks back into their wine barrels while being attacked by pirates. Structure health mod 2
Brawl! Defeat every pirate in the bar. 6 Precursor orbs
No Touching! Defeat every pirate in the bar without taking damage. 3500 scrap
It's Go Time Defeat every pirate in the bar within the time limit. Vulcan Fury Upgraded damage 1
Bar Brawl Hero Defeat every pirate in the bar within the time limit and without taking damage. Slow homing missile 4

Far Drop donations[]

Title Cost Reward
Help Rebuild the Crane 1000 scrap 1 Precursor orb
Help Rebuild the Cabbage Farms 2000 scrap 3 Precursor orbs
Help Rebuild the Power Plant 2000 scrap 3 Precursor orbs
Help Rebuild the Orphanage 3000 scrap 5 Precursor orbs

Ghost pirate treasure hunts[]

Title Reward
Treasure hunt 1 3500 scrap
Treasure hunt 2 3 Precursor orbs
Treasure hunt 3 5500 scrap
Treasure hunt 4 10000 scrap
Treasure hunt 5 All armor mod 2