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Trophy: The Orbist
Collect 100 Precursor orbs Bronze
Trophy: The Orberator
Collect 1000 Precursor orbs Silver
Trophy: The Super Orberator
Collect 2000 Precursor orbs Gold

This is a walkthrough detailing the locations of the 2000 Precursor orbs in The Precursor Legacy. The vast majority of the orbs can be collected upon entering an area, though sometimes a specific vehicle like the A-Grav Zoomer or access to the flut flut is required. In several other instances you will need use to eco or a Precursor artifact such as the launcher or an orb container. Lastly, sometimes a mission in the same or a different area needs to have been completed to gain access to some orbs. All of the cases are detailed throughout the guide.

Collecting Precursor orbs is also related to trophies titled "The Orbist", "The Orberator" and "The Super Orberator". Collecting 100, 1000 and 2000 Precursor orbs unlocks a bronze, silver and gold trophy, respectively.

Location Precursor orbs
Geyser Rock 50
Sandover Village 50
Sentinel Beach 150
Forbidden Jungle 150
Misty Island 150
Fire Canyon 50
Rock Village 50
Precursor Basin 200
Lost Precursor city 200
Boggy Swamp 200
Mountain Pass 50
Volcanic Crater 50
Snowy Mountain 200
Spider Cave 200
Lava Tube 50
Gol and Maia's citadel 200

Geyser Rock[]

From the starting point a trail of orbs can be sighted a small distance away, approaching them triggers a cutscene.

  • 1–10/50 – There are 10 orbs here, with a few on the ledges and the rest on a trail up to the path.

Go past the test dummies here.

  • 11–13/50 – There are three orbs over the first spike–filled pit.

Past the "Find the cell on the path" mission's power cell and the area with the locked boxes, the path leads to the left. Before going that route, turn right and jump down the cliff onto the beach.

  • 14–19/50 – There are six orbs down here, together with some blue eco.

Get up the nearby steps back to the main path.

  • 20–27/50 – There are eight orbs here, with some more blue eco.

Move further up the island while following the path until you reach the precursor door.

  • 28–30/50 – Up ahead are three orbs on the bridge leading to the eco vent.

Go through the door while channeling blue eco.

  • 31–37/50 – Past the third power cell here is a pond of water, jump inside to find seven orbs floating just above the water level.

Climb up the first set of pillars.

  • 38–40/50 – Above the lone pillar here are three orbs.

Go across the first bridge.

  • 41–43/50 – There is another lone pillar here with another three orbs.

Cross the last bridge.

  • 44–50/50 – The last seven orbs are located upon the final set of staggered platforms.

Sandover Village[]

When heading down into Sandover Village, make a left turn and head for the Sculptor's house.

  • 1–6/50 – There's three in front and three past the bridge leading to his home and Sentinel Beach.

Turn back and head for the Farmer. Take a right at the Birdwatcher's house and use a high jump to get up the higher plateau here.

  • 7–21/50 – Up here you want to use a roll jump to get to the lone plateau nearby and grab the blue eco, then jump back and the orb cache on the first plateau will open up and reveal 15 Precursor orbs.

Walk past the Farmer's house and face left.

  • 22–30/50 – Up this cliff here is a path of many small ledges leading into Fire Canyon, grab all nine orbs.

Head back down and go past the corral, then take a right and climb up the platforms.

  • 31–33/50 – On your right is another high plateau, climb it to find three orbs on top.

Jump back down.

  • 34–39/50 – Nearby are two lone stone pillars, use a roll jump to get to each of them, for three orbs each.

Return and head to the small entrance leading towards the Forbidden Jungle.

  • 40–44/50 – There are five orbs in this short tunnel.

Head forwards and go around the steps, following the beach.

  • 45–50/50 – The last six orbs are behind the cliff, below the rope bridge leading into the jungle.

Sentinel Beach[]

When entering the Sentinel Beach area, just follow the beach to start with.

  • 1–3/150 – The first three orbs are found straight on ahead.

Climb the rotating platforms here.

  • 4–9/150 – In the middle of this plateau is a platform with a bridge to a higher platform, with six orbs on top.

Use the rotating platform to get back down again, then follow the beach along the curve.

  • 10–13/150 – There's another four orbs here.

Past the bend is a large open area filled with several treasure chests and five strong boxes.

  • 14–34/150 – It is possible to destroy the boxes early on, by standing next to them and letting the cannon fire an explosive at your position. Move away and it will destroy the box, revealing the orbs inside. The contents vary from three to six orbs per box, for a total of 21. Alternatively, you can control the cannon yourself later on and blow the boxes up at your own discretion.

Follow the beach to reach some stone steps with many orbs.

  • 35–44/150 – A total of ten orbs are acquired as you climb up here.

Moving on, encountering lurker puppies as you go.

  • 45–49/150 – You will find five orbs on the thin path spanning the gap with the waterfall.

Climb onto the lone path close to the cliff on your right.

  • 50–57/150 – Soon you will reach a trail of eight orbs.

Make sure to channel blue eco as you move higher up the cliff face.

  • 58–67/150 – At the end, next to the flut flut egg, is an orb cache with ten orbs.

Go back to the eco harvesters area, there are no orbs here but a short distance away, towards the sentinels, is a hole in the ground.

  • 68–77/150 –Jump down to find two sets of five orbs each.

Down here, you must uppercut the two poles three times each, then use the rotating platform machine outside to get back up the higher area.

  • 78–82/150 – The poles from earlier can now be used as a jumping platform, use the one closest to the cliff to reach five orbs and a locked box.
  • 83–87/150 – Now do the same with the other to get five orbs and another locked box.

Now head towards the area with the stone sentinels.

  • 88–93/150 – Hidden behind and inside the first sentinel.

Ignore the second one.

  • 94–98/150 – Between the second and third sentinels.

Now head up the last sentinel.

  • 99–103/150 – There's another five up here as well.

Head back along the beach until you reach a blue eco vent and a Precursor launcher, the vent is only activated if you found the blue vent switch.

  • 104–110/150 – Using the vent to channel blue eco, use the launcher to land on the second pillar to find three orbs and a strong box. You can either use the cannon to blow it up or land on top of it to break it, after launching yourself into the air.

Launch yourself to the next pillar.

  • 111–115/150 – At the last pillar you can find another strong box (with only two orbs) and three more on the ground.

Head back to the blue eco vent.

  • 116–129/150 – Using the launcher, while channeling blue eco, jump to the pelican's island. There's four orbs on the steps here and another ten in the orb cache.
  • 130–145/150 – There are four clusters of four orbs each located underwater around the pelican's island in the bay.

Head towards the waterfall.

  • 146–150/150 – The last five orbs are hidden behind the waterfall.

Forbidden Jungle[]

Enter the Forbidden Jungle area and climb up the platforms, then approach the first bridge.

  • 1–4/150 – The first four orbs are on this bridge.

Head forward, following the path, be careful of the jungle snakes and hopper on this path.

  • 5–8/150 – The next four are located one by one on the set of stumps on the right side of the path.

Jump down onto the path, a jungle snake should be in your way here.

  • 9–13/150 – Climb the stumps on the left end of the path for five orbs.

The river here can be crossed safely by using the stumps.

  • 14–15/150 – Two more orbs are placed on top of two of them.

Cross the river and climb up the lurker machine.

  • 16–20/150 – There are five more orbs on top of this machine.

Head back to the entrance area, with the first bridge.

  • 21–28/150 – Cross the river using the stumps on your left for a trail of eight orbs, leading to a second bridge.
  • 29–30/150 – There are only two orbs on this bridge.

Up ahead is a circle of precursor platforms.

  • 31–41/150 – Although there are actually 13 up here (eight on the surrounding platforms and five up above the big central one) you cannot collect the highest two yet.

Use the nearby trampoline to get up on a higher area, on the end of this small area (past the hopper and swinging log trap) is a set of stumps.

  • 42–45/150 – There are four orbs here (and one locked box).

Return to the Precursor platforms and continue along the path, crossing two swinging log traps and a spike–filled pit.

  • 46–47/150 – There are two more orbs on the lower ledge in front of you.

Upon entering an area with several babaks and the Precursor bridge leading to the Forbidden Temple: jump down into the canyon and face right.

  • 48–50/150 – A vine will have three orbs surrounding it.

Move past it to the next open area.

  • 51–54/150 – Four orbs are huddled up together in a corner on your right.

While channeling blue eco (found behind you), approach the orb cache in the middle of this area.

  • 55–74/150 – It contains a large amount of 20 orbs.

Head back to the launcher, ignore it and head into the tunnel leading to sea.

  • 75–89/150 – This is easier while channeling blue eco, as there are three small clusters of five orbs each hidden here underwater, surrounding the power cell on the tiny island.

Climb back up the blue eco vent, and use the blue eco to activate the precursor bridge and door and head into the Forbidden Temple. Use the trampoline on the right to access some hidden ledges on the outside of the temple.

  • 90–95/150 – There are six orbs here, as well as a locked box at the end.

Climb on higher towards the top of the temple.

  • 96–97/150 – You will find two more orbs after the launcher.

Press the button on top of the tower, taking the elevator down inside the temple. Once at the bottom, climb up on the ledge and head forwards until you turn a corner.

  • 98–109/150 – In front of you are two floating platforms, a column of three orbs above each, with further behind them in a corner another six orbs.

Activate the blue eco vent switch.

  • 110–121/150 – While channeling blue eco, head towards the set of orbs on the right (six total) and go through the precursor door to find another six orbs.

Using the newly opened vents, channel blue eco and climb up the ledge from the start again.

  • 122–131/150 – Use the launcher here to find ten orbs hidden in the chute above it.

Go through the last unopened precursor door.

  • 132–141/150 – Use the second launcher to grab another ten orbs.

Go forwards.

  • 142–143/150 – Next to the nearby vine are two orbs.

Turn a corner here and face the dark eco plant, which you will have to kill first.

  • 144–148/150 – Jump on top of the defeated plant's head to let one orb appear. Grab it and jump again to let another one appear, repeat this for five orbs total.

Use the blue eco vent to activate the nearby launcher.

  • 149–150/150 – You will end up back at the surface and automatically grab the two orbs from earlier at the Precursor platforms.

Misty Island[]

Approach the first set of steps.

  • 1–10/150 – There is a total of ten orbs here, you can use the seesaw to reach the higher ones or just use a high jump.

Head forwards and go left.

  • 11–14/150 – There are four orbs on top of the large skull.

Defeat the bone armor lurker here.

  • 15–17/150 – On the platforms behind it are three orbs.

knock over the rib bone here, then beat the second bone armor lurker and head down path made out of a spine.

  • 18–24/150 – Another seven orbs in a circle.

Cross the mud pit and take a left.

  • 25–27/150 – Ignore the seesaw and grab the three orbs at the end if this ledge.
  • 28–30/150 – Now use the seesaw to grab the three orbs above it.

From here, jump back down to the ground and head further down the left path until you reach a bay. Grab the A-Grav Zoomer from the trans-pad.

  • 31–38/150 – Down in the ship's hold, you can fly underneath it through the open hull.

On the opposite end of the lake is a wooden structure.

  • 39–42/150 – Four orbs are underneath this one.
  • 43–47/150 – Five are floating above the water, use the first ramp to collect these.
  • 48–52/150 – Ignore the first ramp now and take a right, head straight on to collect another five.
  • 53–57/150 – Ignore the second ramp this time and go left past the rock, this long jump here has five more orbs leading to a power cell.

Now approach the skeleton to the right of the trans-pad.

  • 58–62/150 – Inside it is a trail of five more orbs.

Now head back to the trans-pad and leave the zoomer again, climb the wooden walkway nearby and head onto the lurker ship.

  • 63–68/150 – There are six in a cluster on the ship's bow.
  • 69–72/150 – And another four on the stern.

Now head up the walkway with the rolling logs.

  • 75/150 – First you will find three along the walkway.
  • 79/150 – Then another three in the third safe spot.
  • 82/150 – And the last three leading up to the top again.

At the top, access the cannon to destroy all the strong boxes inside the dark eco silo below you. Head back down to the lurker ship, then take the bridge leading to the unexplored area with more babaks.

  • 86/150 – There are four orbs here down the steps.

Kill all nearby enemies, then cross the mud and break the rib bone on the other side.

  • 101/150 – Using the blue eco cluster at the rib you have to race back to the bridge where an orb cache is located nearby, containing 15 orbs. Use either roll jumps or the extra collection of blue eco clusters up ahead to open it up.

Follow the path until you see a seesaw on the right.

  • 105/150 – Use it to collect the four orbs above it.
  • 109/150 – And then climb onto the platforms to find another four (with a bone armor lurker nearby).

Jump back down and then face left, jump down onto the tiny beach section.

  • 112/150 – There are three more orbs here, together with two blue eco clusters.

Follow the path again.

  • 115/150 – Three more orbs above the mud pit.
  • 118/150 – And another three in front of the precursor door up ahead.

After killing all the lurkers inside the silo.

  • 132/150 – The strong boxes you broke open previously can now be collected for a total of 14 orbs.

Climb the newly revealed platforms.

  • 137/150 – Five orbs are located here.

Head through the precursor door on the other side of the silo.

  • 139/150 – Take care to avoid the gaps, there are two lone orbs placed above some collapsing bits of rock around the center of this area.

Now climb the nearby tallest platform.

  • 142/150 – There are three more orbs on a ledge past a tiny passage.
  • 145/150 – Now head along the cliff face and grab another three above the bits of stone that collapse when you stand on them.

Head back to the misty depths area.

  • 150/150 – The last five orbs are located on the other end, close to a quicksand lurker, in a trail above a gap.

Fire Canyon[]

  • 1–10/50 – Right from the start you will find a strong box, hit it for ten orbs.
  • 11–20/50 – The second box is located on a thin path, with gaps on both sides.
  • 21–30/50 – Again located in the middle of a thin path, with a treasure chest in front and behind it, as well as a locked box in front of those three.
  • 31–40/50 – Right after the third one, this strong box is again located on a thin path of molten lava.
  • 41–50/50 – Right before the end, this one is in front of the trans-pad.

Rock Village[]

From the Blue Sage's house, head outwards.

  • 1–7/50 – On the stone steps heading down into Rock Village.
  • 8–10/50 – As you follow the path, you will find another three orbs.

Stop before the geologist and turn left.

  • 11–13/50 – Another three orbs are hidden in the small passageway behind her.

Grab the nearby blue eco, as well as the cluster next to the boulder closest to the bridge.

  • 14–33/50 – There was a hidden cache a short way back, behind a boulder you passed earlier, you will be able to barely make it by channeling both of the aforementioned blue eco clusters and by using roll jumps. It is recommended to try and use the magnetic ability of blue eco to collect the second cluster by only approaching it close enough for it to move and be absorbed automatically.

Now talk to the Warrior and pay him 90 orbs, so he puts the pontoons back in place.

  • 34–40/50 – There are seven more orbs above the pontoons leading to Boggy Swamp.

Now head for the entrance to lost Precursor city.

  • 41–50/50 – The first six you will find above the pontoons again, the last four are on the grassy steps nearby the entrance.

Precursor Basin[]

  • 1–6/200 – Inside the first lone strong box you will see upon entering Precursor Basin.

From here turn right.

  • 7–12/200 – Head up the path to find another strong box.
  • 13–28/200 – Go over the small natural bridge and follow this path straight to the end, gathering a total of 16 orbs.
  • 29–38/200 – At the other side of the path are two more strong boxes, hit them for another ten orbs.

Now head back up.

  • 39–43/200 – On your left you can see a trail of orbs in mid–air, accelerate and jump to grab these.

Now head for the nearby pool of water.

  • 44–49/200 – There are six more orbs floating above the surface here.

Now head back to the first strong box, on the far right, in the wall, is a passage leading to the second are of the Basin.

  • 50–73/200 – There are three more strong boxes here and a long trail of orbs, for a total of 24 orbs.
  • 74–85/200 – On the other side are another two nearby strong boxes for twelve more orbs.
  • 86–90/200 – Five orbs float across a small hill, which in itself is past the two strong boxes, accelerate and jump to collect them.

From here take a left.

  • 91–96/200 – There is another lone strong box here, containing six orbs.

Now follow the rock wall on the right.

  • 97–108/200 – You will soon enough encounter two more, for a total of twelve orbs.

Keep following the wall until you reach the other passageway, leading back to the first section.

  • 109–114/200 – A trail of six orbs leads through here.

Head back and move onto the lake in the second area.

  • 115–122/200 – This trail is eight orbs long.
  • 123–128/200 – Immediately after the last trail, you will find another to your left consisting of six orbs leading up a ramp.

At the top of this platform, go around either side via the ring-shaped platform.

  • 129-136/200 - Another trail leads over a thin path, slowly make your way across for eight orbs.

At the end you will reach a platform, with a second one next to it, jump over the gap.

  • 136-146/200 - One strong box with a total of ten orbs is set on this platform.
  • 147-165/200 - Immediately behind the box is another gap with three orbs floating above it. Fly across it and turn right to follow another trail of thirteen orbs up the ramp, leading to another strong box with six orbs inside at the top.
  • 166-195/200 - At the top of this area you can see a series of tall stone pillars with a flat grassy platform on top, each holding one strong box (and each worth ten orbs). Accelerate and land on each platform, hitting the strong boxes as you fly towards the next pillar, ultimately landing on a larger platform with a locked box.
  • 196-200/200 - Now turn left and the last five orbs are situated on another ramp, which in itself leads towards the power cell placed high above the lake.

Lost Precursor city[]

  • 1–4/200 – Right behind the first door after entering the complex.

Take the floating platform and head left.

  • 5–8/200 – Four more float above the red–hot pipe.

Now take the next platform to the button at the bottom of the area, and press it.

  • 9–30/200 – A series of platforms will shoot out of the water, with twelve orbs floating above them in a trail. Grab the blue eco cluster mid–way and use it to open the orb cache at the end for another ten orbs.

Now head back to the starting point, this time jump off in the middle near the puffer.

  • 31–38/200 – Defeat the lurker and take the eight orbs on the platform.
  • 39–44/200 – Turn to the nearby red–hot pipe with the moving platform below it, jump over it one by one to grab the six orbs floating above it.

Now jump on the rotating platforms at the end here and head towards the next corridor.

  • 45–50/200 – There are three orbs in front of you, and another three floating above the water as you turn right, be careful of the electricity.

Head for the next room.

  • 51–53/200 – There are three floating in mid–air here.
  • 54–57/200 – In the following corridor are another four.

Take the steps on the right and follow them (ignore the vent blowing the manhole into the air).

  • 58–69/200 – As you follow this path along the water you will gather a total of nine orbs, with another three above you at a ledge at the end.

Now turn around and grab the blue eco from earlier (including the two clusters above you on another ledge).

  • 70–79/200 – If you head for the manhole a little earlier, use it to reach the area above, a puffer will be flying around. Kill it and take the ten orbs from the cache.

You can see a large object in the center of the room, it is a fairly tall structure made out of more pipes. To get there use either the platforms atthe start, or use a roll jump from where you can find the blue eco on the path.

  • 80–85/200 – On the platform around the structure are six orbs, note that you can actually safely touch it and thus use a high jump to get to the top.

Once you are done with this room, head for the next, the exit is to the lower-left of the entrance you used to access this one.

  • 86–93/200 – In this room, with the power cell from the "Reach the center of the complex" mission, is a total of eight orbs floating above the rotating platforms. Take care to avoid the ones that shake, as they will flip over.

Go into the next room, watching out for the bullies.

  • 94–102/200 – Nine orbs in this room.

Now head right, crossing the electrified pool.

  • 103–108/200 – Six more orbs floating above the pipe here.

Head back and take the left passage now.

  • 109–111/200 – Three to the right as you enter this room.

Take the slide tube down on your right.

  • 112–133/200 – Be careful with this one, since even while you can get back here, it is a nuisance to miss a few orbs since the count will be off. There are a couple lone orbs here and there, but most of them you collect from strong boxes that are spread out between the dark eco boxes and a few treasure chests. You can tilt the left analog stick back to slow down while sliding on the tube.

You will arrive in a large room with more bullies.

  • 134–139/200 – There are six orbs on the large circular platform, three on each side.

Head left where another slide tube awaits you.

  • 140–170/200 – A total of 31 orbs can be found here, again mostly from strong boxes. It is harder than the previous one, taking blue eco from the vent in the earlier room can make it a little easier.

At the bottom here, grab the power cell.

  • 171–200/200 – As you start running away from the dark eco, you will collect the remaining thirty orbs automatically as you run up the silo. The blue eco will make it a lot easier to collect them as well.

Boggy Swamp[]

Upon entering Boggy Swamp you will first find a horizontal pole in front of a tall wooden platform, use the pole to swing onto it.

  • 1–5/200 – The first five orbs are on top here.

Jump back down and grab some yellow eco.

  • 6–23/200 – Use it to blow up the several strong boxes you will see when you follow the path.

Move onward and grab some blue eco from the vent up ahead.

  • 24–27/200 – This time use it to get the orbs floating above the harmful mud, if you get close enough they will automatically be collected you.

Now move onward until you encounter a swamp rat nest.

  • 28–31/200 – Turn the corner here for four more orbs.

Ignore the cave entrance on the left and move forwards, destroying only the left nest out of the two found in the dead end here.

  • 32–37/200 – Stand on the left pillar so the right one rises into the air, then grab the three orbs above it. When the right one has gotten to the highest point you can jump to the three orbs behind you. These last three orbs are easier when you leave the right nest standing, since you can jump on top of it and use it as a platform. But even if the right nest is destroyed, it is still possible to collect all of the last three orbs while channeling blue eco from the vent in the nearby cave.

Now go back and enter the cave, and continue until you reach a mud pool again.

  • 38–45/200 – Use the yellow eco here to blast the four strong boxes, then use the blue eco to collect the eight orbs.
  • 46–49/200 – Grab the four orbs nearby by way of pole swinging.
  • 50–53/200 – Turn a corner and do it again.
  • 54–58/200 – And another time for five orbs.
  • 59–65/200 – And one more time for seven.

Destroy the tether and move past the spike traps.

  • 66–75/200 – When you reach a yellow eco vent, grab it and turn right and destroy the strong boxes there for ten orbs.
  • 76–87/200 – Then use the same yellow eco to destroy the ones in the mud on your left, grab the blue eco in the center to collect them all.

Go and enter the nearby passage next.

  • 88–92/200 – There are five more orbs here.

Use yellow eco to destroy the dark eco boxes blocking the way

  • 93–101/200 – Nine orbs above the launcher behind it.

Now mount the flut flut up ahead.

  • 102–137/200 – Use it to break open all the strong boxes in the nearby area (ignore the wooden scaffolding and mud areas for now).

Now climb the scaffolding and face the direction of the launcher from earlier.

  • 138–143/200 – There are six orbs here leading to a locked box.

Now go back and face the other way.

  • 144–160/200 – A long trail of 17 orbs leading to a power cell this time.

Return the flut flut to the trans-pad and go to the nearby yellow eco vent.

  • 161–167/200 – Use it to kill all the rats and their nests, then destroy the strong boxes (three total). Use the nearby blue eco to grab the seven released orbs from out of the mud.

After Boggy Billy's house, enter the nearby tunnel until you reach an open area with many dark eco boxes.

  • 168–177/200 – There are a few strong boxes hidden in this area, so use the yellow eco to blow it all up and collect ten more orbs.

Follow the path until you reach some more yellow eco.

  • 178–189/200 – Shoot the strong boxes in the mud and repeat the trick with the blue eco from before, two more orbs are nearby, bringing it to a total of twelve orbs.

Up ahead are some more of the precursor pillars.

  • 190–194/200 – The second pair has five orbs floating above the left pillar.

Cross the mud into the tunnel with the rat nest.

  • 195–200/200 – Destroy it to release the yellow eco vent beneath it, then use it to blow up all the dark eco boxes and strong boxes nearby, which will net you the last six orbs.

Mountain Pass[]

  • 1–3/50 – The first three orbs are right over the first ramp you encounter.
  • 4–8/50 – The next five are at the third ramp.
  • 9–13/50 – And the same goes for the five after that one.
  • 14–16/50 – The next three are in the middle of s thin path, between two bottomless pits.
  • 17–21/50 – And the following five are in the next turn
  • 22–26/50 – And very quickly after the last five you will go up a large ramp, which leads to the next five.
  • 27–29/50 – As soon as you enter the cave you will see a strong box between two explosives, worth three orbs.

Continue on into the cave and keep hugging the left wall.

  • 30–34/50 – Five more orbs are in a trail along the left side of a pit on the left side of the cave.
  • 35–42/50 – Soon you will reach a narrow passage with several blue eco vents, there are four strong boxes in here worth eight orbs total.
  • 43–45/50 – And again after those eight you will reach another ramp, leading into a jump across a pit and some dark eco boxes, with three orbs on your path.
  • 46–50/50 – The last five orbs are stored in the last strong box, which is to the right after the previous jump.

Volcanic Crater[]

Go past the Red Sage's lab and head for the miner's cave.

  • 1–6/50 – There are six orbs inside.

Now head back out and turn right (when facing the cave and coming from the lab, go left).

  • 7–11/50 – There are five here along this path.
  • 12–16/50 – There is a hidden path below you, jump down there and find another five orbs.

From here, go back to the top and head for the minecart tracks, past the gondola.

  • 17–31/50 – Now jump onto the first minecart track and stay still, you will automatically collect the trail of 15 orbs.
  • 32–46/50 – Now jump onto the next track, where you collect another 15 orbs the same way.

Now head for Spider Cave.

  • 47–50/50 – The last four orbs are in the tunnel leading down to the cave.

Snowy Mountain[]

The first thing you will see is a Precursor blocker, this device will sometimes have two or three orbs on top and is surrounded by a forcefield.

  • 1–3/200 – To de–activate said forcefield and collect the orbs, jump on top of it with a double jump or a high jump if possible.
  • 4–8/200 – There's five orbs floating above the gap ahead of you.

From here turn left and enter the pass with the massive snowballs.

  • 9–21/200 – A trail of thirteen orbs can be found here.
  • 22–26/200 – Now turn back. As there are two blockers here.
  • 27–32/200 – And then return to the lurkers at the dead end here, six more orbs are hidden in a corner on the right.

Return to the spot where you fought the ice lurker.

  • 33–44/200 – Enter the frozen cave where you will find a total of twelve orbs, from start to finish.

Ignore the strong boxes here and head onto the lake.

  • 45–53/200 – Nine more orbs floating around here.
  • 54–59/200 – Nearby is a downwards slope with two moving platforms, as well as a trail of six orbs.

At the bottom here, follow the right wall and head for the nearby blocker.

  • 60–65/200 – Six more orbs surround it.

Now turn around and face the set of trees nearby, behind it is a hidden cave, enter it and complete the challenges inside.

  • 66–69/200 – Eventually you will reach the vent switch and four orbs.

Head back outside and hug the right wall again, go up the snowy steps here along the cliff.

  • 70–73/200 – At the topside you will meet another glacier troop with four orbs nearby.

Head back to the frozen cave to find the capped vent is now an open yellow eco vent.

  • 74–81/200 – Use it to blow the aforementioned and ignored strong boxes to pieces and take the orbs inside, be very careful as there eight orbs here. The difficulty comes from that they are all obscured by the thick snow, making it very easy to completely miss and ignore one of the orbs.

Head back to the glacier troop's ice driller and cross the nearby frozen bridge.

  • 82–96/200 – Using the flut flut you have to go through this canyon by jumping from platform to platform, you will find a total of 15 orbs here, scattered throughout the pass.

Take the nearby platform to the top, from where you can see two trails.

  • 97–101/200 – Ignore the one over the ice for now and go for the five across the bridge.
  • 102–105/200 – Take a left here for another four, bringing you back to the start.

Head back to the bridge.

  • 106–110/200 – Jump down this time and collect the five orbs below.

Now climb back up.

  • 111–115/200 – Collect the ignored orbs from earlier.

Following the ice path, you will reach a bridge, cross it.

  • 116–122/200 – At this frozen platform there are seven more orbs.

Cross the next bridge and head into the caves while following the path.

  • 123–125/200 – Collect the three orbs in front of the red eco vent.

Continue through the cave here, to get the power cell from the "Survive the lurker-infested cave" mission.

  • 126–128/200 – At the end there are three more orbs.

Head back to the Lurker fort and climb the first tower.

  • 129–139/200 – Along the way to the top you will collect eleven orbs (including the ones on the highest platform).

Continue along the path made out of platforms and swinging poles alongside the walls of the fort.

  • 140–155/200 – From the start to the end (near the power cell) you will collect 16 more orbs.

Now climb the tower from the beginning once again and collect the blue eco on top.

  • 156–200/200 – Jump back down quickly (dive attack if needed) and open the three orb caches here in one go, for a massive fifteen orbs each, totaling the last 45 orbs.

Spider Cave[]

  • 1–6/200 – Move forwards until you see a circle of orbs on a circular platform in a pool of dark eco, with a support beam in the middle.

Take a left from here and use the web trampoline to launch yourself to a new ledge.

  • 7/200 – There is one one orb up here.
  • 8–9/200 – Go deeper into the nearby passage, where two more orbs await you in the middle of some moving platforms.

Head for the nearby yellow eco vent and turn right.

  • 10–13/200 – There are four orbs across this narrow bridge.

Keep going along this path, closely sticking to the cave wall.

  • 14–18/200 – Soon you will reach two web trampolines with five orbs nearby.

Keep following the path until you reach another narrow bridge.

  • 19–24/200 – On the bridge are three orbs, with another three to the right of it.

Now take the yellow eco from the vent behind the bridge and head into the nearby cave with the dark eco pool.

  • 25–30/200 – On the other side are two strong boxes, hit them with your yellow eco to open them.

Across the pool is another hidden cave, called the Dark Cave, head inside. There are gray crystals here you can hit to make them glow.

  • 31–35/200 – Near the end you will find five orbs.

Head back outside to the yellow eco vent.

  • 36–40/200 – Nearby, above some moving precursor platforms, are five more orbs.

One way or another, you have to get to ground level now.

  • 41–44/200 – The following four orbs are above a series of wooden platforms, which are directly below the platform you were standing on before. You can jump to there from the first circular platform where you got your first few orbs in this location.

Ignore the trail of orbs leading into the second section of Spider Cave and instead head for any of the three yellow eco vents in this section.

  • 45–59/200 – Using the yellow eco, press Triangle to use your goggles and aim to destroy all the gnawing lurkers. They drop precursor orbs upon death, you will know you have found them all if you have collected fifteen orbs.

Head for the tunnel leading to the second section now, make sure to be channeling yellow eco.

  • 60–62/200 – You will first find three orbs.
  • 63–68/200 – And soon after you turn a corner; two strong boxes worth three orbs each.

Continue forwards until you reach the second cavern, at the bottom of the scaffolding, turn around and enter Spider Tunnel.

  • 69–80/200 – Inside are two more strong boxes (use the yellow eco from the vent to break them open), worth six orbs each.
  • 81–84/200 – At the end of the tunnel, grab some blue eco and use the launcher to collect four orbs.

head back to the second cavern again and prepare to climb the ramp to the scaffolding surrounding the Precursor robot.

  • 85–90/200 – There are three orbs leading up the ramp, with another three up ahead.

At the end of this walkway, do not turn right and instead head down the other ramp to the blue eco at the ground.

  • 91–108/200 – use the launcher in the bottomless pit to get to the poles above you, there are eighteen orbs floating around here, use blue eco to make it easier to get them.

Grab the nearby power cell and head back down, then go up the ramp you went down earlier.

  • 109–115/200 – As you follow the path, you will find seven orbs on the circular stone platform on your left.

Keep following the path and at the T–split, go left.

  • 116–117/200 – Two more orbs float above the dropping platforms.

While channeling yellow eco, continue along and turn left at the corner.

  • 118–141/200 – A large number of strong boxes in a row here net you 24 orbs when destroyed.

Return to the T–split and head right this time.

  • 142–155/200 – Ignore the elevator and keep following the path, there is another row of strong boxes here worth fourteen orbs.

Now go to the elevator and head down.

  • 156–167/200 – There are twelve orbs floating above the dropping platforms in this section.

Now take the elevator up to the second level.

  • 168–171/200 – keep following the path and you will find four orbs.

There are no more on this level, so head for the next elevator to go to the third.

  • 172–179/200 – Right nearby is a rotating platform that goes below a circle of eight orbs, jump onto it and wait until you have all of them.
  • 180–187/200 – Jump back and go over the dropping platforms that form your next path, there are eight orbs here.
  • 188–192/200 – Next is a set of swinging poles, at the second one make sure to swing yourself straight up so you collect all five orbs above it.
  • 193–195/200 – Continue along the path and you will reach another three orbs.
  • 196–200/200 – The last five orbs are reached by swinging from pole to pole to the very top of the robot.

Lava Tube[]

  • 1–7/50 – The first seven are found in a trail along the first narrow path you come across.
  • 8–12/50 – After that is another six, in another line across some molten lava on the right.
  • 13–16/50 – And after those another set of four, on the left side.
  • 17–33/50 – At the next path of molten lava you will encounter three strong boxes, worth seventeen orbs total.
  • 34–37/50 – And right after those, on the right section of the split path, another four floating over a gap.
  • 38–45/50 – And shortly after that in a narrow turn, eight more orbs.
  • 46–50/50 – The last five orbs are a little up ahead, right before the room with the large spinning machine (and the many yellow eco vents) is a trail of the last five orbs on the left–most path.

Gol and Maia's citadel[]

After entering the citadel, take the right path and activate the first colored tile puzzle you see.

  • 1–3/200 – Three orbs float above it..

Keep going right and enter the Red Sage's path, the one with the broken Precursor platforms.

  • 4–8/200 – At the end here is a bigger colored tile puzzle, with five orbs this time.

Open the door up ahead.

  • 9–45/200 – Grab the yellow eco from the vent and start blasting your way through many citadel bunnies, there are a couple of strong boxes in this corridor, which when destroyed will leave a large amount of 37 orbs behind.

Continue along and save the Red Sage, after having done so, take the platform to below and activate the tile puzzle.

  • 46–48/200 – Another three orbs this time.

Take a right here, for the Blue Sage's path now.

  • 49–53/200 – And another puzzle to your right, worth five orbs.

You will soon find a blue eco vent, use it to activate the nearby platforms.

  • 54–62/200 – Said platforms have a total of nine orbs floating above them.

While channeling blue eco, go through the next challenge until you reach the door.

  • 63–92/200 – There is an orb cache here, with a batch of thirty orbs inside.

Free the Blue Sage and head down below again, continue along the path until you reach the Yellow Sage's path and enter it.

  • 93–122/200 – Behind the door is yet another orb cache worth thirty orbs, the blue eco vent is right next to it as well.

Now go and use the blue eco to jump from launcher to launcher.

  • 123–150/200 – There are a large number of orbs scattered around the launchers here, use blue eco to attract them to you when you jump from launcher to launcher, totaled you will collect 28 of them.
  • 151–180/200 – And while still channeling blue eco, jump to the exit for another orb cache, again worth thirty orbs.

Now go and head for Samos Hagai with the newly opened path after freeing the first three Sages

  • 181–200/200 – The last twenty of the orbs are lined up in a trail across the wooden scaffolding along the very top of the chamber, netting you the maximum total of two thousand orbs.