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The Timberline Track is a combat racing track used in the Kras City Grand Championship during Jak X: Combat Racing. One of two medley tracks in the Icelands, it starts out next to the uninhabited area of the crystal-filled caves of Mountaintop Highway, then it leads across the frozen tundra of the Icelands itself and into the Marauders' Icebound Citadel.

Description[edit | edit source]

The first ice cave.

The Timberline Track has some wide open routes and plenty of straightaways, so a fast and light race car is recommended. Straight from the start, the path curves to a right and over a ramp into a large cavern filled with bright blue crystals. Watch out for a large pit at the end of the cave on your right, as well as the narrow bridges that follow afterwards (any evasion maneuvers won't work well here). These bridges signify the starting area of Mountaintop Highway, but you leave this particular track immediately after as you are forced to head right when entering another tunnel.

Upon exiting the tunnel the road splits into two. Take either path as neither hold an advantage over the other and continue into a wide canyon. Soon after houses will appear, meaning you are about to enter the Icebound Citadel. [a] Take care to avoid any sharp turns. Stone constructions jutting out from buildings or staircases might launch you into the air. After driving through the large stone gate comes a heavily slanted path curving to the left, followed by a short split in the road. The track will eventually exit the citadel again and head straight for the finish line.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Glacier Alley track is visible on the left but blocked with a barrier.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Race event information[edit | edit source]

Game mode Eco cup Race event Medals req. Bronze goal Silver goal Gold goal Lap limit Time limit
Adventure mode
(Hero mode)
Red Eco Cup Rush hour 33 80
None 3:00
Blue Eco Cup Circuit race (qualifier) 40 Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 2 None
Exhibition mode Circuit race Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 2 None
Death race 100 130 160 None 3:00
Freeze rally 2:10:00 1:50:00 1:30:00 2 None
Rush hour 80 140 200 None 3:00
Time trial 2:30:00 2:20:00 2:10:00 1 None
Turbo dash Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st None 3:00
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