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Interesting... It appears to be reading out some preset co-ordinates. Keira, Jak II
The time map is a Precursor artifact seen in Jak II and Jak 3. It contains a set of coordinates needed for travelling through time, though it also contains unknown properties as seen with the astro-viewer. It is an orb-shaped object, which can open and contains a series of smaller orbs, rings, and Precursor writing inside. The small objects levitate and move around the core.


Jak IIEdit

In Jak II, the time map is one of two essential items needed for the rift rider constructed by Keira. It is hidden by Krew in the Metal Head Mash game. After Daxter defeats the game, Tess takes the artifact to Keira while Jak and Daxter go to help Sig in the Underport. After using it to travel to the past, the duo finds it again at the end of The Precursor Legacy together with the rift gate and rift rider.

Jak 3Edit

In Jak 3, the time map is one of five artifacts needed for the astro-viewer in Southern Haven Forest. Seem gives it to Jak after he comes to rescue her when Cyber Errol attacks the Monk Temple in the mission "Rescue Seem at temple". When the time map is attached to the astro-viewer, Jak is able to link into the Dark Maker ship systems and control a Dark Maker bot.