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The Titan Suit is a robotic suit of armor used in Jak II, the Titan Suit was important in three missions in which Jak had to reach a location but was unable to do so on foot. It was first introduced in the "Get Life Seed in Dead Town" mission, in which Jak had to use the suit to fight through several Metal Heads to reach a pillar which had to be smashed down so he could enter Samos' hut. Later on he needed the suit again in the "Destroy drill platform tower" mission, where Kor requested the destruction of the tower, where Jak had to use the suit to smash through a couple of thick metal doors blocking his way. Halfway through the mission he had to abandon the suit which would then have been lost in the explosion of the tower.

In the mission "Find Sig in Underport" Jak once again has to use a Titan Suit, this time to make his way through the flooded Underport chambers while avoiding mines and squid heads. This Titan Suit could have been considered lost as well, as Jak abandoned it after making his way past the flooded sections and left it in the Underport.


Titan Suit concept art.png

The Titan Suit consists of a cockpit, which has a clear glass or plastic cover on the front and top allowing the occupant to view his surroundings easily. It has two arms that end in metal bladed fists which it can move around to either punch enemies or objects, push a solid block of rock or lift and throw lighter pieces of stone. The two legs on the bottom are quite powerful and it can safely drop down from a high area without sustaining any damage. When jumping it uses a short but strong jetpack on the back of the armor, which gives it the extra boost when needed. Aside from the metal blades on the claws, the shoulders and the feet, which are all a bright yellow, the rest of the suit is colored a light blue with dark blue stripes mixed in.

Despite the appearance of the suit, it is not as heavily armored as one might think, direct attacks from metal heads will be able to damage it, notably electrical attacks deal heavy damage. It is recommended to also be careful around grunts as they can and will leap onto the suit and start smashing it—which is troublesome as they will deal irresistible damage and are hard to get off. When used to attacking enemies it resorts to a one-two-one punch combo, which is also strong enough to smash machinery or unhinge thirty centimeter thick metal doors.