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The tripodbot is an enemy in The Lost Frontier. Designed for war,[1] they were built by Tym to take back the old Aeropan barracks by force, but to no avail. Instead, the tripodbots turned on him, forcing him to barricade himself behind a large laser barrier. They along with sawbots were encountered on Brink Island during the mission "Look for a way off the island".

They were later encountered by Dark Daxter inside the laser lab of the abandoned research rig, during the mission "Escape the laser lab". It is unknown if Tym built the robots at the rig before being kidnapped and continued to build them afterwards while on Brink Island, or if the Aeropans recovered his work while he was on the island despite the attempts of Phoenix, Tym's kidnapper.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The tripodbot is a large, three-legged tank with a mobile head, two blaster muzzles on either side of its red eye-like sensor, and a large laser cannon on top of its head. They have a silver and gold-colored frame with thick blue armor, closely resembling a smaller, faster, weaker, blue-colored blast bot from Jak II and Jak 3.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Tripodbots are very nimble and tend to appear in large numbers, thus representing a fairly considerable threat when playing as Jak. Conversely, they are comparatively small and weak when facing up against Dark Daxter, and are an easy enemy to eliminate, even despite their energy shields.

As Jak, it is best to use the Scatter Gun in combination with repeated melee attacks and shots from the eco amplifier due to their large numbers and close distance. In some cases you will be able to shoot them from a distance, in which case you should opt for the Blaster in combination with amplifier blasts and pick them off as much as possible. They will require several shots, so in either case they require patience to eliminate. Be wary of their long-range attack, which is a simple laser blast from the golden muzzle on top of their head. A short red cloud will appear beforehand, as if they are charging the laser. This gives you ample warning to move away from their line of fire.

As Dark Daxter, they can be taken out much easier, requiring only a few shots from Daxter's dark eco blast attack. They will activate their shields for a short while, during which you should focus on avoiding their fire blasts, which come three at a time and are fired from the two blaster muzzles on either side of their head as well as from their laser cannon.

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