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UR-86 ("You are eighty-sixed") is a minor character in Jak X: Combat Racing. A former member of the KG Death Bots,[1] he participated in the Kras City Grand Championship as one of Mizo's hired combat racing mercenaries. He quickly gained a reputation as the deadliest racer on the circuit (though Razer asserted UR-86 was second only to him), holding some of the top records for most kills in a single race.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

UR-86 during a combat race.

UR-86 did not appear until partway through the game, hired by Mizo as a mercenary in response to Jak's rising success in the sport of combat racing, posing a threat to his underground gang dominance. Upon introduction, Razer, the retired Kras City Grand Championship champion, admitted even he had to watch out for him.[2]

Nevertheless, he was beaten out by Jak during the Grand Prix of the Red Eco Cup (an event of which he had previously never lost).[3] UR-86 uses the Dragonfly during the Red Eco Cup, the Firebat during the Green Eco Cup, and the Anvil RTX during the Blue Eco Cup, Yellow Eco Cup, and exhibition mode.[4]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

UR-86 is a tall and incredibly heavy humanoid robot, known for his "tough, sleek exo-skeleton" that "won't go down easy."[1] He has a silver steel base with crimson armor and round, yellow eyes. While he is a former KG death bot, he does not have any KG insignia, though he does retain off-white stripes on either shoulder pad similar to KG guards.

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