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Unlock satellite was a mission in Jak 3. The dark satellite reacted to Jak's presence due to his dark eco experiments, where after it revealed a screen tempting Jak to unlock its secrets.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Press the buttons on the screen the moment they are inside the moving circles. There's four buttons (X, Square, Circle, and Triangle) coming from one side each. Every correct button pressed on time means one point for you - unless you press the same button correctly more than once in a row, or press a button when more than one of the corresponding symbol is in the circle, in which case multiple points will be added to your score. Simply failing to press the correct button when the corresponding symbol is in the circle, or pressing a button whose symbol is not currently inside a circle will count as a miss. Get 75 points and you'll win the minigame. Miss five symbols and you'll lose.

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