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Welcome to Technobliterator's domain!

I am Technobliterator. I am an editor of various types of wiki content, can upload and edit images (and take screenshots from editors), and more importantly, sort out all your template and Lua needs. I'm an admin as well here, so I can delete pages for you if you need me to.

My Jak and Daxter history

Hi, I like videogames and Jak and Daxter is a large part of my childhood? And I want Jak 4, please.

Though I have more childhood memories of prefer Ratchet & Clank, the Jak and Daxter series is one of my favorite series of all time, with Naughty Dog as my favorite developer. It introduced me to a lot of gameplay concepts that I came to love in other videogames, and had a thoroughly enjoyable narrative with plenty of character to its setting. Not only did the series help develop my love of videogames and fascination with game design, but it was this very wiki where I first really learnt the ropes with editing, learning how to perform maintenance tasks and have a stab at working with templates.

And that's about all you'll learn from me here without actually talking to me.

As a huge fan of Naughty Dog, who are easily one of my favorite developers, I love everything they do, but the Jak and Daxter series has to be my favorite of theirs overall. It's the most creative series they made, with a lot of variety and character to it, though the fact I grew up on the PlayStation 2 no doubt contributes to this. Crash Bandicoot: Warped was my first ever videogame, so I transitioned easily into The Precursor Legacy, though it wasn't until playing Jak II that I fell in love with the series. That said, The Precursor Legacy is still my favorite just from a gameplay perspective, due to the brilliant level design and mechanics.

Below, my experiences with each game:

Game Opinion
The Precursor Legacy One of my first PS2 games, and one of my favorite games of all time! I never get tired of replaying this game, it fills me with nostalgia every single time and it's still a thrill to play. The atmosphere, the music, the incredible level design, the variety, everything about this game is amazing. This game is truly a masterpiece, and I'd definitely say one of the best 3D platformers of all time and my personal favorite.
Jak II I adore this game for its story, production values, soundtrack, and for most of its gameplay. The combat was pretty interesting, and it was fun roaming in the open world, though not every gameplay element works perfectly (looking at you, titan mech suit), the gameplay is way too difficult (even if I can easily play it now) and it at times feels unfocused. That said, Baron Praxis is the best villain in the series and the lore is great. I have replayed it a lot, but despite its improvements in some aspects, still consider TPL the better game.
Jak 3 While I love this game, it is even less focused than the original in terms of gameplay, and again it's the story and production values that make up for it. The buggy mechanics aren't done quite as well as they could've been, the weapons felt way overpowered like they were more focused on one-upping Ratchet & Clank than on fitting in with Jak's combat, Light Jak is criminally underused, and there's almost too much variety. The clunkiness is part of why I have replayed it the least, it was clearly the most rushed. That said, it has the best soundtrack, a really thoughtful story (that Damas scene...wow), and the gameplay was still good.
Jak X: Combat Racing My opinion on this game has changed completely; I love this game. It's so unique amongst racers, in that the combat racing asks you not to slow other racers, but to outright destroy them, and that it has an actual, extremely tightly written story. This allows the carnage to be ridiculously fun. The vehicles control extremely well, and the majority of the tracks are good, and my gosh, the soundtrack is beautiful. An underrated gem, a really well-written story, and a very innovative racer.
Daxter This is a great PSP game, with a neat story, pretty fun gameplay and a likeable cast. It works as a portable title, and is almost as good as some of the mainline titles. I do not have much of a reason to replay it, and the tone of the story is caught in a confusing place between TPL and II, but those are about my only complaints. Gameplay is tight.
The Lost Frontier Ugh. The games were so consistent in quality, then...this. As a game on its own, it's alright, but it is weaker than the other entries. TLF's story is not great, it's told really poorly and makes every plot twists so fast they fly over peoples' heads. It has a lame soundtrack, a bunch of empty locations, a weak gun, some ridiculous additions like Dark Daxter, and a stupid currency system that does not belong in a Jak game. The eco powers are tolerable, the airship sections weren't bad all things considered, and mechanics like Daxterjacking vehicles and being able to upgrade them wasn't too bad. Decent-at-best game, some good moments, but not nearly what the other games were.

Jak and Daxter wiki history

Bit of backstory; I basically learned to edit wikis here, so I'm grateful to the J&D wiki for that. I now have some above-average wiki skills and expertise in various areas that can be helpful, as well as the patience to make tons of small edits to tons of pages.

I am mostly strong with wikitext, Lua, and CSS, so I've helped with the technical parts of the site a lot. In general, I can help with the games loads, as I have played the Jak and Daxter games a lot, seriously. The Precursor Legacy probably holds the record for most amount of playthroughs I've done of a single game at 12 playthroughs.

Things I've done that I'm proud of include the Jak and Daxter series article, the game articles for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and the rest, as well as all the work on setting up the Lua modules and converting infoboxes and navboxes.

Former Wiki Manager
If you're reading this, I was one of the Wiki Manager of this wiki, but due to personal issues, was no longer able to work. I was thrilled to be your Wiki Manager for this time (and may be again in future if I can work again!), so if you need anything, please let me know!

Hey all! You can find me around as an admin on many wikis, and I'm a member of the unofficial NWO logoNew Wiki Order team, where I help wikis with the team in a larger capacity on a whim. I'm also a VanguardVanguard, so I'll be able to help a lot with making your wiki portable. Aside from that, I'm an occasional contributor/lurker all around. I was also a member of the Fandom Gaming Wiki Manager, until Visa-related issues got in the way.

Among other things, I can help in particular with pywikibot, Lua, CSS, JavaScript, and portability, as well as all your MediaWiki needs. For pywikibot, the bot account I use on most wikis is Botobliterator. In the past, I used different bot accounts on different wikis, or my own when I couldn't set up an account, but I now make most on Botobliterator with a few exceptions.

Feel free to give a shout on my talk page or find me on Discord at Technobliterator#1311 if you need anything!

My Wikis

The following are just a few of the wikis I have a big presence on beyond a Wiki Manager.

Final Fantasy Wiki (sysop) Joined the site in 2013, and performed several overhauls of the site, including changing layouts, renaming almost all of the pages, redoing the infoboxes and navboxes from scratch, and writing many of the articles
Ratchet & Clank Wiki (bcrat) Was my first wiki in 2009, but I didn't become really involved until taking over as bcrat years later; now responsible for rewriting a lot of the pages, as well as for creating the infoboxes
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Wiki (founder) Founded the wiki in 2018 due to my love of Insomniac Games and of Spider-Man, and helped shape how the wiki looks
Jak and Daxter Wiki (bcrat) Basically learned most things on this wiki, and these days am still involved with how the site looks

Fandom history

On most wikis I have a large presence on, I have been responsible for:

  • Major design aspects of the wiki (the theme/skin, the main page, infobox/navbox/template design, etc.)
  • Creating and maintaining the biggest templates, either using Lua or wikitext (or Portable Infoboxes),
  • Large pywikibot jobs to reorganize the wiki, whether it be page names, links, categories, files, or other large overhauls
  • Writing/rewriting pages, often for topics that interest me
  • Performing maintenance of the SpecialPages

I joined Fandom (known then as Wikia) in 2009. As a huge geeky teenager with a Ratchet & Clank obsession, I was looking to build the best information resource on the web, until I found that one already existed: the Ratchet & Clank Wiki. I was very bad when I started there (it wasn't until around sevem years later that I became a bureaucrat and rewrote most of the wiki), until I joined the Jak and Daxter Wiki, where I learned most of the ropes. Later, my love of the Final Fantasy series took me to the Final Fantasy Wiki, which became my biggest job (and challenge) yet. I became an administrator at least a year or two later.

After this, I joined the Community Council, and then the Vanguard team. Later, the Jak and Daxter Wiki team formed an unofficial group, which we facetiously named New Wiki Order; as we'd polished and improved almost every aspect possible on the Jak and Daxter Wiki (which had otherwise stagnated due to no new games), we decided to take what we'd learned polishing an old wiki and take it to wikis that hadn't had the chance to apply the same attention to detail as they were a bit preoccupied on covering every new release. This meant taking over templates, Lua modules, CSS, and policies that we'd worked on. One of these wikis was one I founded, the Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4 game) Wiki. I was hugely excited that my favorite videogame developer since childhood were making a game based on my favorite superhero since childhood, so I had to get on that!

Currently, in addition to administrative duties, I am a member of the Wiki Manager team, a role in which I get to yet again take the expertise I've built since 2009 and help out other new and prospective admins along the way.


My first ever videogame was Crash Bandicoot: Warped, on the first PlayStation, which I honestly loved a little too much. Later, my parents bought me a PlayStation 2, my first ever videogame console. I played a few games, but it was Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando where I completely fell in love with the hobby. The game is a real blend of genres, so I got to experience bits of everything. Became obsessed with the series, along with Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Later, my cousin showed me two games from his childhood that I once again completely fell in love with: Final Fantasy VII and the first Metal Gear Solid. Needless to say, I went on to play every mainline entry of both series, and still replay the games all the time to this day. Final Fantasy became my favorite series, with Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XII being my two favorites, while Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater easily became my favorite game of all time.


My favorite genre of music is hip hop, with a focus on West Coast hip hop from the pre-2000s (2Pac, Dr. Dre, etc.). While I do like other styles of music, hip hop is what I always end up coming back to. Not only do I love the beats, but there's something powerful, authentic, and defiant about it, and the ability of its artists to tell stories is unique. Outside hip hop, in particular I love Daft Punk and Bob Marley. I'm also a big fan of musical theater, and love performing on stage.

As far as films go, I grew up with the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, along with Star Wars. While I don't get the chance to watch a whole lot of films, I do enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mostly due to Guardians of the Galaxy. My favorite films are The Matrix, Terminator 2, Empire Strikes Back, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pulp Fiction.

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