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Volcanic Crater is the third and final hub location in The Precursor Legacy. As its name suggests, it is in fact a large volcanic crater located below ground level, north of Mountain Pass and below Snowy Mountain. The crater, along with its only inhabitants Gordy and Willard, was overseen by the Red Sage before he was kidnapped by Gol Acheron and his sister Maia. It is in this hub where Spider Cave, Snowy Mountain, and Lava Tube may be accessed.


Upon Jak, Daxter, Samos, and Keira's arrival to Volcanic Crater, Gol and Maia finally revealed their plan to unleash the dark eco contained within the silos around the world. This is also when Daxter came to the realization that Gol, the only person speculated to have enough expertise in dark eco to transform him from an ottsel back to human, has turned evil. Samos eventually discovers the Red Sage's findings and tasks Jak with missions to both Spider Cave and Snowy Mountain on grounds of lurker movement.

It is also here where Jak meets Gordy and Willard, two primitive miners who planned to mine a large "priceless" gem on a twelve-year endeavor. Other than trading Precursor orbs for power cells with the two miners, they also sent Jak to both Spider Cave and Snowy Mountain.


The Volcanic Crater is a large, magma-filled crater located north of Rock Village and immediately north of Mountain Pass. It is accessed by going through a volcanic cave after the valley running through the northern mountains, and is filled with lava. The crater is traversed with its mere two rope bridges and three rickety wooden rigs, meanwhile the crater itself is structured with large rock formations from the volcano. Following a wooden track of ramshackle mine carts will lead to an underground cave or a volcanic passageway, depending on which rig. The prominence of red eco crystal formations preceding the crater could indicate why the Red Sage would occupy the seemingly uninhabitable area. In the center of the crater is the Red Sage's hut, which bears similarity to the preceding sage's huts except adapted for the volcanic environment.

The crater has a gondola which can be used to travel directly upwards, eventually leading to Snowy Mountain. Note that the gondola will only be functioning after teleporting Samos and Keira into the Red Sage's hut, and then collecting a minimum of two power cells afterwards. There is an oracle on the opposite side of the crater of where the gondola is located, resting beneath the initial ground level. Between the oracle and the gondola is a small diamond cave, which is the site of the mining operation occupied by Gordy and Willard.