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The walker is one of the primary assault vehicles owned by the Dark Makers in Jak 3. They are released from the Dark Maker ship and head through the atmosphere of a planet, where after they crash-land near their target. They are very tall but remarkably sturdy as even after their landing they take a large number of hits to be destroyed. They were the main attacking force during the assault on Spargus in the "Defend Spargus from attack" mission, in which Jak had to destroy all of the walkers using the Spargus gun turret.

After their landing a walker will unfold its legs and head for its objective, eliminating any threats or opponents with the use of dark eco bombs and missiles, which are all fired from the main body. It walks on two very tall but relatively thin legs and has three or four tentacles hanging beneath them, their exact purpose unknown. On top of the main body are two long protruding spikes, and on front are six (three on each side) rows of a light purple color which resemble eyes or windows. The walker is mostly colored a dark purple as is common to Dark Maker design.

Their only weak spot are the joints on the legs and a couple of spots on the front of the main body, anywhere else deals no damage, if all the joints are damaged enough the walker will crash and blow up.

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