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Concept art of a male Wastelander

A wastelander is any person who works for someone to venture outside safe city walls (such as Haven City or Spargus) and retrieve artifacts or do otherwise dangerous tasks. There is also a society of people in Spargus who are donned official "Wastelanders" after earning a complete war amulet. The only wastelanders seen in Jak II were Sig and Jak, who worked for Krew and ventured out into the pumping station to collect spyder gunner trophies for the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon. Jak protected Sig at the station while he sniped the metal heads with his Peace Maker from a distance. Jak never worked as a wastelander for Krew after this, however, other than various missions to the Haven sewers.

In Jak 3, Spargus citizens who completed a third Arena of Death challenge received the third part to a war amulet and were declared Damas' Wastelanders. These Wastelanders were commonly sent out to the Wasteland to collect Precursor artifacts, and Jak once had to rescue some of them during a sandstorm. Their primary adversaries were the Marauders. Although normal procedure would dictate the completion of three arena challenges to be considered an official Wastelander, Jak earned his third piece by defending Spargus from untold destruction.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Wastelander rifles.

As the job of a wastelander is a dangerous one, wastelanders' employers usually give them some sort of weapon. Jak was given the Scatter Gun Morph Gun when first hired by Krew, and Sig had a Peace Maker attachment to his rifle. Spargus Wastelanders had rifles very similar to Sig's, but lacked the Peace Maker upgrade. It was later revealed that Sig is a Spargus Wastelander, therefore his rifle was likely acquired in Spargus. Krew gave Jak a Peace Maker upgrade for his Morph Gun, therefore it is presumed that Sig's weapon was procured as a result of combining the two. Aside of weapons, Spargus Wastelanders also utilized buggies and Wasteland transports.

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