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The Wave Concussor is a weapon used by Jak during Jak 3. It is a red eco-powered red mod Morph Gun weapon focusing on high-power, medium-range force. Jak received the weapon from Damas before he sent him to earn his second war amulet in the Arena of Death.


The Wave Concussor has the basic Morph Gun build, similar to the Scatter Gun, but with an elongated barrel and a red charger on top, allowing it to charge up. It is a chargeable weapon, releasing a circular blast of red eco along the ground, accounting for a larger attack radius than the Scatter Gun. The longer the blast is charged, the longer the radius that is released will be. A fully charged blast will consume five ammo shells.


Wave Concussor gameplay

The Wave Concussor gameplay.

This weapon charges and releases a concussive wave of energy in a circle around Jak the area depending on the amount of ammo used; a fully charged shot requires five units of ammo. The size of the circular explosion depends on how long it has charged, as one ammo is consumed if fired immediately with a small explosion just outside of Jak, and one additional ammo taken away for each second the gun is charged, with five being the highest amount to be used for a much larger ranged explosion.

It is possible to charge the Wave Concussor, fight your way into the middle of enemy territory and then unleash it with maximum efficiency as a finisher move.

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