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The widowmaker (the babies of which are also referred to as baby legs), also known as the tomb spider,[1] is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It is an arachnid first encountered in the Tomb of Mar during the consecutive missions "Pass the first test of manhood" and "Pass the second test of manhood". They again appeared in the following game at the Monk Temple in the mission "Climb Monk Temple tower".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The widowmaker is a medium-sized, spider-like creature. It is quick and nimble, and often appears in large groups,[2] and gray in color with red markings on their abdomen similar to the spider (though these are lighter gray in color). It has very large fangs with barely visible eyes.[3]

Concept art of the widowmakers

Though most of them that were seen were small, there was an incredibly large one located in a long corridor of the tomb leading to the main oracle seen there.[3] It is unknown if this is a mother spider, or just an adult spider. It was only seen in the tomb, and not in the Monk Temple later in Jak 3, however it is credibly possible that one did exist considering there were larger amounts of spiders in that location.[2]

If they detect an enemy they will pose on their hind legs and hiss, then follow their opponent and attack.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Baby widowmaker

Widowmakers attack by striking forward and biting their enemy. These spiders are not very fast compared to you, but they can strike fast if you get too close. It is recommended to just go straight through them instead of trying to avoid them.

The Blaster or Scatter Gun will make short work of the widowmaker, but usually you can just walk straight at them and punch to strike first or spin kick to deflect them.

When killed, widowmakers drop dark eco only in Jak II.

The full-grown version is never actually fought, much like the metal-pede, you can only run away (although you are playing as Daxter, meaning it is unknown whether or not Jak could defeat it).

References[edit | edit source]

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