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Ohh... sorry, buddies. Didn't your mom tell ya to stay out of the street?! Hey, little furry dude! Get in! —Ximon upon rescuing Daxter., Daxter
Ximon is a character in Daxter. He is Osmo's son, and quickly befriends Daxter after helping him in considerable times of need on multiple occasions.


After chasing a prison zoomer containing Jak, Daxter was surrounded by guards, but was saved by Ximon's timely arrival in his company van. Ximon explained that Osmo sent him to track Daxter down after not hearing from him in a while, and that they had a new mission at the tanker brewing.

Ximon later accompanied Daxter in the ranger zoomer at Emerald Isle during two "Take out bug in Emerald Isle" missions. The first time, Daxter drives the zoomer and Ximon throws bombs, though the second time around, Ximon drives and Daxter mans the zoomer's tail gun.

Ximon also helped Daxter infiltrate the Haven Palace past Erol, convincing the Krimzon Guard commander that they were there on extermination business, leading to the mission "Escape the palace". Ximon picked Daxter up from the palace after that mission from an outside exit point. Later, Ximon gave Daxter a lift above the prison and lowered him in order to rescue Jak. Ximon later met back up with Daxter to tell him that they could have just used the front door, and returned to Daxter Jak's new clothes, which Jak would wear in Jak II. Ximon can be seen after completion of the game sitting in the ranger zoomer at Emerald Isle. However, it is otherwise unknown what happened to him after the events of Daxter, though he did pay a visit to the Naughty Ottsel after Jak and Daxter defeated Kor.[2]


Ximon concept art

Concept art.

Ximon has notable surf culture tendencies, frequently saying "dude" and using surfer slang. He is very similar to the Sculptor in this respect. In fact, he once recites a surfing adage: "A surfer's never supposed to turn his back on the ocean..."[3] His father describes him as a fool, and seems to view him as a slacker, despite Ximon's work and if not stoical attitude in accompanying and tracking down Daxter. He also seems to be very skilled in driving, having swooped in to rescue Daxter amid a blockade, as well as the combat escort in Emerald Isle.

Ximon is very skinny and has yellow blond hair. He sports a goatee, soul patch, and very large side burns. He wears a sleeveless green shirt and green cuffs, as well as a clamshell necklace next to his Kridder Ridder name tag.


  • Ximon is a playable character in the game Jak X: Combat Racing if one connects a PSP to their PS2 with a Daxter save file. On the PS4 port, he becomes playable if a save file from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is found.