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Ximon is a character in Daxter, with a cameo in Jak X: Combat Racing. He is the son of Osmo, who owned the Kridder Ridder extermination company and hired Daxter in the beginning of the game. The owner of the scooter, which Daxter frequently used, Ximon assigned missions or relayed messages to Daxter from Osmo. He was ultimately instrumental in Daxter's rescue of Jak towards the end of the game.

History[edit | edit source]

Daxter[edit | edit source]

Ximon was first mentioned, though not by name, when Osmo permitted Daxter to use Ximon's scooter, which he kept parked outside the extermination shop in the Industrial Section. He then appeared after the mission "Follow that prison zoomer!", rescuing Daxter from a guard ambush, using the company van. Explaining that he tracked him down with the communication device after Osmo hadn't heard from him in a while, he then took Daxter to the tanker for the mission "Collect 30 gems from the tanker", given to him by Osmo.

Later on, Ximon accompanied Daxter on the mission "Take out bug in Emerald Isle", manning the tail gun on the ranger zoomer to take out a hive queen on Emerald Isle. Soon after, the two did it again, though this time with Ximon driving the zoomer.

After Daxter triggered the alarm in the tanker, Osmo sent Ximon to pick him up. When Daxter suspected that the tanker's cargo was headed for the Palace, Ximon assisted him in infiltrating it, supporting his story to Erol that they were sent there for a bug infestation by a "Captain Ximon Rupertikjakmos" (a portmanteau of Ximon, Tik, Jak, and Samos). Evidently, such a captain existed, leading Erol to reluctantly allow him and Ximon to pass through.[2]

When Daxter decided to infiltrate the fortress to rescue Jak, Ximon assisted him by airlifting him from above using the company van, though as Ximon would later discover, the front door was open. After Daxter defeated Kaeden, Ximon met back up with him, and handed him Jak's new clothes before they departed.[3]

After Daxter[edit | edit source]

Ximon lastly appeared at the very end of Daxter, which chronologically occurred after Jak II, as Daxter was telling the story of how he rescued Jak to his friends in the Naughty Ottsel. He was seen along with Osmo, Taryn, Tess, Jak, Keira, and Samos. Ximon's whereabouts after Daxter are otherwise unknown, as he was not seen or mentioned again.

Ximon was an unlockable racer in Jak X: Combat Racing, along with other Daxter characters, though his participation in the sport is considered a cameo-only non-canon appearance. In the PlayStation 2 version of Jak X: Combat Racing, Ximon could be unlocked by having a Daxter save file, while in the PlayStation 4 version of the game, a save file from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is required.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Ximon.

Ximon is laid back and exceedingly friendly, almost instantly getting on well and building a rapport with Daxter, who shared Ximon's dudish and carefree attitude. He is seen as a fool by Osmo,[4] while he appears to lack any negative attitude towards his father.

Ximon is a tall, lanky human male, standing at 6'3" and 122 lbs.[1] He has fair, somewhat sun-burnt skin, long blond hair, a goatee, a sleeveless green tunic, and a name tag consistent with Kridder Ridder's uniform style, suggesting he is officially employed there.

Uniquely similar to the Ottsel Surfer, Ximon fits many stereotypes associated with the surfing subculture of western California, using a certain accent and phraseology, including the use of "dude" and "bro". He also wears a backwards cap and a thalassa shell necklace, often worn by surfers.

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