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Yellow ammo canister

Yellow ammo canister

The yellow mod is a Morph Gun mod in Jak II and Jak 3. It is powered by yellow eco and focuses on powerful long-range precision. It is the second weapon acquired by Jak in both games, starting with the Blaster. It uses yellow ammo canisters.


Blaster Morph Gun render

The Blaster is a rifle-type weapon, releasing a stream of yellow eco along a guided laser sight for more accurate aiming capabilities. The Blaster has a decent rate-of-fire, with an efficient damage and ammo consumption rate. The damage, as well as the maximum capacity, can be upgraded either through completing certain missions (Jak II) or buying it with Precursor orbs through the secrets menu.

In Jak II, Jak earned the Blaster after completing the "Destroy turrets in sewers" mission for Krew. In Jak 3, Jak gained the Blaster from Damas after the follow up mission to gaining the Scatter Gun, "Earn 1st war amulet".

Beam ReflexorEdit

Beam Reflexor render

The Beam Reflexor is essentially the same as the Blaster, except its blasts ricochet off solid objects, creating a crossfire hazard for enemies, especially when coupled with multiple shots. Its yellow eco beams also appear to be thicker, and travel for a slightly longer distance. Its base ammo consumption rate is still one shell per shot, however for each extra deflection that successfully hits an enemy, it increments by one ammo shell.

Damas gave Jak the Beam Reflexor after the mission "Earn 2nd war amulet".

Gyro BursterEdit

Gyro Burster render

The Gyro Burster releases a hovering disk from an electrified rail that continuously releases thin but damaging bolts of yellow eco from its circumference. Its rate-of-fire is impeccable, but only for the shots fired by the disk—the gun can only release one disk per round which lasts anywhere from three to seven seconds, and will consume fifty ammo points. You can release a disk by pressing L1, and if pressed again, the disk will stay in one spot, otherwise the disk will slowly start to trail away.

Tess gave Jak the Gyro Burster after completing the mission "Beat gun course 1".